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How to get career in SEO without agency experience

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How to get career in SEO without agency experience


How to become successful as an SEO expert?

For all the scary stories about SEO being dead, it is still very alive and kicking. The latest E consultancy poll Shows that companies increase their SEO spending each year. Businesses are increasingly sophisticated about how they spend Their digital marketing budgets and measure their impact. The statistics are convincing: 55% of companies are Their SEO budgets this year, for example, and it was 51% last year. So How to get the career in SEO?

This has created a huge increase in SEO roles, both in in-store consulting firms and major news agencies. Even Google Trends seems good for SEO … (this table obviously comes with a lot of warnings).

If you want a job in SEO, it’s totally possible with a little hard work and a little ingenuity even if you do not have an agency experience. But there is no excuse to turn to an SEO interview and having nothing to show. You should be able to Show skills or use of technology. You should be involved in the community.

There are free tools, free events, and you can even create a free website. I have been where you are now, and here is my guide to getting your first job in SEO. Read this and you have it interview.

Should you start with a big agency or a shop agency? What about the client side?

There are advantages and disadvantages to going in-house with a large company agency, as opposed to a small shop agency. If you are new to SEO and want to achieve this steep learning curve, then I recommend you apply for roles Within a more specialized agency as opposed to a larger media companies.

This does not mean that large media agencies are poor in SEO and do not have the skills of the team. They are awesome! You can learn Much in these places. But these teams tend to be more distracted by customer maintenance or pitch document preparation,  and They may not have the time to go on to educate and improve your knowledge. So if you want to start your career and Become a genuine whiz SEO, so small agencies have a lot of benefits. You also have the opportunity to try to go in-house as an SEO in a large company. These companies are, of course, laser- Focused on their product, then, in this case, you will quickly become a specialist. This can be good if you want to keep Working in this industry, but you may prefer agency life if you are not sure you want to specialize again.

In addition, your company might not know much about digital marketing, let alone SEO, and you will need to be a very Good communicator with non-technical people.

Here is an excellent post along Moz on the differences between working at an agency, in-house, and freelance SEO. There are also some interesting articles out there that are meant to help customers hire SEO experts. There is also Similar, a longer article from SearchEngineWatch. If you read between the lines on these items, you can learn a lot about what it might be to work for different clients

What to Do During an SEO Interview

You might laugh when you read these, but I promise, all those things that happened to me. Here are some really false  things

To do an SEO interview:

  • Do not take replicas of handguns and draw them during an interview.
  • Do not sit there and eat your breakfast while you are interviewing.
  • Do not explain how you want to come to work, put on your headphones and listen to music all day.
  • Do not say, “I did not have a budget for links.” And never say: “I do not know Panda or Penguin, as I have had no clients with These questions. “I’ll talk more about this below, but you have to memorize this: There is no excuse to turn to an SEO interview and do not have examples or SEO tests to show. Do you file for your own name? You should get on that!

When you start getting SEO interviews, nine out of ten interviewers Google your name before the interview. Make sure You have a website, social profiles, and comments on SEO blogs that are all ranking your name. This will Your basic SEO understanding, and it will show that you are active in the SEO community (more about this in the Community Section below).

Create your own personal website

There is no excuse for not showing the experimenting techniques with your own personal website. Web hosting can be purchased A few pounds per month and some even offer free web hosting when ordering a domain name.

I was looking to create pages/posts on your personal website where you can show your tests for basic SEO skills for the SEO page. Your own personal website allows you to link your social accounts and demonstrate your basic understanding.

Why are links important in SEO?

Talking about your own website will allow you to feel more in control with the interview: You can do all the talking with A website you are comfortable with, instead of asking random questions about random sites.

Your website can show your mastery of concepts like:

  • The implementation of the scheme to show Google extra margin,
  • Hreflang to show you know how to target the different world regions,
  • By using No – index if certain pages do not appear in Google, Different ideas of content.

Your best bet is to use WordPress for your site, as most customers will be running WordPress for their blogging platform. If you have negative websites appearing for your name, try to get those removed before the interview. This gives you the Ability to discuss how you cleaned up your search results and improved your online reputation – demonstrate your skills together.

Although there are no official certifications for SEO, you can still improve your chances of succeeding your career, but Completing the certifications in some of the other products of Google.

These include the Google Analytics exam and the Google Adwords certification, courses are free to sit, but there is Sometimes a nominal fee to pass the exam that is required for the recognized certification.

Do you think you have “no experience?” Think again! Have you no experience? Be creative. Before you even begin to apply for your first role, you can win “Hands-on Experience “in SEO There are so many easy but also cheap ways to do this! You have no excuse to walk in an Interview without a bit of experience in your back pocket.

In fact, I have six different ideas to know how you can gain experience:

Personal projects

As I said above, you should definitely have your own website. Do you also have a blog? Have you created a website to test Affiliate marketing? What about a brooch web site? Even small, stupid sites can be great examples for your interview. He Does not matter if you have made your site because you wanted to celebrate a beer brand with your friends. What matters is that you did it!

Some of my best conversations have been with affiliate marketers who have discussed the “random” or “obscure” niche they Found to make money on a website. They do not always know it at the time, but it really SEO, entrepreneurship, and creativity.

Prove yourself

A slightly ballsier approach is to offer your services for free to the organizations you want to work with. Do some research On your local agencies, and choose the ones you really want to work for. Email them and offer them to perform an SEO audit of Their existing customers in exchange to consider you for all the SEO roles they could have. This might sound a little crazy, but if you succeed, then you get to work for your top agency! And even if you fail, You will learn a lot.

If you are too nervous about offering an SEO audit, then you can simply send your favorite agencies and see if they have Internships available. They might have internships that are not listed on their websites.

Volunteer work

Treat yourself to optimize your pet’s home website or homeless charity within your community. You will learn a lot This way you will get used to working with a customer, too. Many organizations are already working with Support that creates a mutual connection with the agency.

When you enter an interview later, you can talk about how you have tackled local SEO problems while giving back to the Community at the same time. You can also present your communication skills with clients.

Exchange services

The negotiation skills are nothing new, and if you do this you can save money at the same time. Offer to optimize your Hair salon in exchange for a free haircut. Or, if you are fit, offers to improve the ranking of a local staff Trainer in exchange for free training sessions. Think of all local businesses that have websites but can not afford one SEO Consultant. How about taxi services? Perhaps your parents’ business, or another business within your family?


This is obvious because you will actually earn a small amount of money for trading (practicing) your SEO knowledge on the Hundreds of job postings on this website. It’s not about making money, it’s about doing concerts on your resume. He Takes 10 minutes to register an account on Odesk or PeoplePerHour, so what are you waiting for?


There are literally hundreds of internships available in SEO. This is one of the easiest routes in SEO, and in most Cases, these roles will complement your expenses. A simple Google search reveals that there are many available.

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