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How to Impress a Woman

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So, you want to know how to impress a woman?

Well, you’re in for a little surprise because the way to impress a woman is probably not what you’ve been thinking…

Here’s an example to illustrate of how not to impress a woman: A guy tells a woman outright that he drives a new sports car, earns lots of money and lives in a rich suburb. Logically, you might think that she’d be impressed and want to be with him because he has his life together.

Yet, the irony is that most women are put off by men who attempt to impress them by flaunting their possessions and social status.

Why? Because it can be perceived as though you are trying to impress her to win her approval (i.e. “Please like me because…”), which is a huge turn off for most women.

Note: Boasting about material wealth and possession can work on women who are looking to use you for money and attention (i.e. gold-diggers).

But is that the kind of woman you want anyway? For your sake, I hope not.

So, how do you impress a woman? By not trying to impress her.

Women are most impressed by guys who are confident and don’t feel a need to impress women.

* Impress a Woman by Being the Man That She Really Wants

Have you ever stopped and actually listened to what most women sing about in popular music?

Ever noticed the heart-felt, passionate lyrics about the guy who is making her feel intense and desirable emotions?

Think about some of the most common song themes:

– He left her for another woman.
– He cheats on her, but she still wants him.
– He doesn’t ‘treat her right.’
– She is jealous of another girl hanging around him.
– He doesn’t buy her hundreds of gifts like a ‘nice guy’ would.
– He doesn’t call her anymore.

Men are likely to hear such lyrics and logically conclude that women hate guys who treat them that way.

It’s a reasonable assumption, wouldn’t you agree?

I mean, there are so many songs written by women who are apparently ‘upset’ at the treatment they have been receiving by those men.

The logical solution to attracting women then, is surely all about being ‘super nice’ and doing everything a woman wants…right?

Wrong. Those women are not necessarily complaining. They are simply living out the drama and emotions of being with a man who is a challenge.

On the surface many women may say, “I want a guy who is nice and who’s there for me when I need him. I also want him to be faithful and care for me.”

But the very same women will often end up dating men who are exactly the opposite.

Why? Because guys like the ones being written about in songs, make women feel a variety of intense and desirable emotions.

Am I suggesting that you treat women badly and cheat on them? No.

Instead, I’m talking about giving women a variety of intense emotions without treating women badly or cheating on them. Yes, you can still be a good guy.

* Impress a Woman by Being Real

If you are truly being yourself and not hiding behind a protective persona, then your thoughts and actions will flow more smoothly and naturally.

Your body language will be comfortable, rather than tense and protective. Your conversations and actions will radiate authenticity, which is very impressive to women.

Yet, so many guys mess it up and put on an act of perfection around women.
You can see them trying.

No-one is perfect and trying to behave as though you are reveals a ton of imperfections, in the form of insecurities – which is definitely not how to impress a woman!

Now, I am not suggesting that you go around exposing your faults or emotional vulnerabilities to women or to people. Not at all.

For example: If the subject of public speaking ever comes up, don’t say, “I am so scared of speaking in front of large groups of people, I can’t think of anything worse,” because you aren’t looking for a replacement mummy to protect you from the big, bad world.

You are a man taking on the world.

Try this instead, “Yeah, there’s nothing better than a captivating speaker…it’s definitely a skill I want to develop more.”

See the difference?

Let’s move on to another example of how to impress a woman: If a woman ever tests your self-confidence by saying something like, “You’re pretty short” don’t play into it, don’t get defensive and don’t try to explain yourself to her.

Instead of saying, “Yeah, I hate being so short…I wish I was taller,” you can approach it with something like, “I’m glad you like it,” or “So, what is it about shorter men that turns you on so much?” or “I guess that means you like me, huh? You’re pretty forward aren’t you?”

If she tries to wiggle her way out of it (women tend to do this to flirt back at you), you can playfully add, “Nice try, but I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at me.”

Then give her a knowing look and smile at her with a raised eyebrow. If done in a playful way, it is considered flirting.

Remember, if you want to impress a woman DON’T try to impress her with false behavior or acts of perfection.

Be confident, be real and be a man and you will impress women wherever you go.

Dan Bacon is the CEO of TheModernMan.com who provide dating advice for men

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