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How To Make Homemade Carp Boilies For Winter And Summer Fishing Success!

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You can make homemade boilies to beat readymade baits with guidance and a bit of creative thought to form boilies and paste or dough baits ahead of their time! The most traditional way of creating boilies involves the use of powders mixed with liquid to create a dough which is attractive and stimulatory to carp!

These mixtures can be as simple or complex and sophisticated but should be as potent as possible! This is an insightful guide into the world of beating ready made baits using homemade baits following an intensive 7 year study of this vital subject!

Your liquid mixture can be as simple as liquid whole egg plus other liquids such as flavours and liquid foods and sweetener. The powder part of your bait can be a ready made base mix or a special homemade mixture of your own design but should be made as unique and as potent as possible!

Potency is the aspect of your bait substances which ultimately attracts carp and triggers the most intensive feeding response possible! Your liquid and powder mixes are mixed together to form a dough from which any kind of shaped baits can be formed.

Boilies are called by this name because they are dough baits which have been boiled to make it last longer in the water and be more resilient as bait. The old thinking used in originally creating boilies was that firmer more resilient baits which have been boiled would resist the attention of pest species other than carp and also enable free baiting at greater ranges plus make pre-baiting more effective over time.

The very best carp baits will attract fish of multiple species even if boiled because their components are so potent and many fish are sensitive to substances that carp are attracted to and stimulated into feeding strongly by. Part of the purpose for making boilies was to enable baits to withstand attentions of pest species such as roach, and also enable free bait to be introduced at range, but attracting pest species is actually highly beneficial and creates competition that leads to more bites and hooked carp!

Usually anglers think that having a resilient boilie is best but after years of testing in many situations I concluded that the best results come on baits which only last a few hours intact which actively break down! Boilies which last 24 hours or longer are actually less effective in most situations because the principle soluble and water reactive substances which stimulate and attract have already been lost!

Boilies for winter must be the most easily broken down and most soluble as water is densest when cold and so dissolved bait substances are not as effectively dispersed to attract carp! Over-flavouring hook baits is a huge advantage in cold water conditions but in summer too when thick weed or silt are challenges and using betaine HCL is exceptional too, but see Baitbigfish or my biography for more!

By Tim Richardson.

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