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How to Make Money Online With Adsense And Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

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Successful affiliate marketers are now combining their Adsense and clickbank promotions by creating profit-making websites that give them profits from both Adsense and Clickbank at the same time. This article will reveal how to make money online with Adsense and Clickbank affiliate marketing.

Without a doubt affiliate marketing is probably the quickest and easiest way to start making money online. Affiliate marketing allows you to promote other people’s products and to share in the product creator’s profits. Affiliate programs are nothing new and some of the world’s largest organizations like Ebay and Amazon have their own affiliate program. They know that as well-known as their products are they can increase their traffic and sales by allowing other people to promote their programs also.

There are a number of ways that merchants share their profits with their affiliates. This may include paying a commission per lead, a commission per click or paying a commission for every sale generated.

Pay per click commissions are preferred by many affiliates as they only have to get a visitor from their site to the merchant’s rather than converting the visitor to a sale.

However, the level of your income does not always depend on the method of compensation you receive but the amount of traffic your site generates, the quality of the program and the sale conversion at the merchant’s site.

Why Google Adsense Is Giving Affiliates More Money

Adsense is, in effect, Google’s affiliate program. It acts as the go between between the advertisers and its affiliates. Merchants ads appear on your site and you receive a commission for every click that your site generates to that site. Adsense is becoming increasing popular for blog marketers in particular.

Google Adsense is a unique affiliate program as all that is required is to place a code on your website and Google takes care of the rest.

The advertisers pay Google an amount of money for every time their ad is displayed on your site and then Google shares some of this profit with you after they have deducted their own commission. Adsense publishers are then paid monthly by Google. Google also makes it easy to track where your clicks are coming from with its unique tracking tool.

While affiliate marketing largely relies on earning commissions from sales made, by adding Google Adsense ads to your pages you give visitors the opportunity to click on displayed ads that also earn you commissions. With a bit of testing you can monitor whether your site earns more just with your affiliate program, just with Adsense or with a combination of both. Adsense works particularly well for blog posts and also large article content sites.

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