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How to Overcome Your Fear of Women

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Do you have a fear of women?

Maybe you have a fear of approaching women, or of being rejected by women in front of others?

Whatever the case, here is some tried and tested advice to help you overcome your fear of women.

* Placing a Woman on an Imaginary Pedestal

A lot of guys will start an interaction with a woman and immediately place her on an imaginary pedestal. “Wow, she’s so hot…she must be such a great girl.”

Don’t do that. It will immediately ruin the potential attraction the woman can feel for you.

The solution? Just treat her like a normal person, while being attractive. You may be asking “Okay, sounds easy…but how do I do that?”

You must learn how to ‘assume rapport & attraction.’

Assume (verb): Take to be the case or to be true; accept without verification or proof.

Rapport (noun): A relation, especially one characterized by emotional affinity, or mutual trust. Commonality of perspective, being in “sync”, being on the same wavelength as the person you are talking to.

Attraction (noun): The quality of arousing interest; being attractive or something that attracts.

Every time you interact with a woman from now on you should assume, without a doubt, that the right levels of rapport and attraction are present.

Doing so will translate into the confidence and the easy-going nature that women love in a man.

Note: Some of my clients have found this concept easier to understand when I have phrased it as ‘Assume acceptance.’

Meaning that you approach a woman assuming that she will accept you and want to interact with you. Go with what works best for you.

A question for you: Have you ever met a guy who has the seemingly ‘magical charm’ of being able to walk into a room and get along with anyone and everyone?

He’s the sort of guy that immediately makes you feel like the two of you are friends. He just has the ability to be able relate to you so easily.

The good news is that having that magical charm is a learnable social skill.

Here’s an example: You walk into a bar and there are people everywhere you look. Most of them are engaged in conversation and having a good time.

A man who doesn’t assume rapport may think, “Whoa, it’s packed…all those groups of people…it’s just me and my friend here…we’re strangers…everyone here looks like they know each other…we should just grab a drink and stand over there.”

A man who does assume rapport may think, “Cool, this place is happening!” and then he will just mingle in and start talking to people.

It took me a good year or so to really get used to assuming rapport, but once I did I found that I had many more quality friends in my life and was also able to walk into any club, bar, restaurant, supermarket – anywhere really – and easily get along with people.

The more that you assume rapport, the more people will like you. The more that you assume attraction from women, the more they’ll be attracted to you.

Eventually, you will overcome your fear of women because more and more women will like you! Trust in this approach and your life will improve in more ways than you can imagine right now.

* Practicing to Assume Rapport

You can practice assuming rapport in everyday life. The next time you meet someone new (a checkout girl at the supermarket, a friend of a friend, a bartender, a work colleague, etc) assume that they highly like you.

Talk and behave as though you are already great friends and you will be amazed at the responses you get from women and people.

I cannot stress how important that last sentence is. I recommend you read that at least five times, to ensure you remember it.

Also, the next time you talk to a person who already likes you (a close friend or a certain woman), pay attention to your body language, comfort levels, facial expressions, tonality and the things that you share in conversation.

That is how you want to come across from the first moment that you begin interacting with a woman.

Start tomorrow and you will overcome you fear of women within 2 months, if you practice assuming rapport every day.

Dan Bacon is the CEO of TheModernMan.com who provide dating advice for men.
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