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How to Plan a Baby Shower

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Your role is host and party planner extraordinaire of your best friend’s shower and you’re not sure where to begin?

This helpful guide will take you successfully from guest list to clean-up leaving the mom-to-be and company singing praise for your efforts!

1. Select a baby shower theme:
Keep in mind if she’s having a boy or girl or isn’t finding out. Also decide if it will be just the ladies or a couples shower, and if it will be casual or formal. This will set the tone for the rest of the celebration.

2. Create the guest list:
Decide on who’s coming and how many, and get input from the guest-of-honor. If it’s a surprise party, ask her partner or close relative for suggestions.

3. Choose your invitations and decorations:
This is easy once you decide on the theme. Get crafty and make everything yourself, or buy everything online. It all depends on your time, budget and creativity.

The Invitations
Baby shower invitations can be as easy (and cheap) as placing a phone call or sending an email. There are even websites that let you send free electronic invitations. You can also get crafty, head to your nearest craft store, and make your own invitations. Martha Stewart would be proud.

Depending on your theme and budget, your decorations can be as simple or as lavish as you choose. Freshly-cut flowers from your garden and artfully-placed streamers can look just as lovely as an expensive floral arrangement from your local florist. And homemade diaper cakes are not only thoughtful and practical, but they make beautiful centerpieces, too.

4. Create the menu:
Backyard barbeque, brunch, potluck or reservations at a restaurant? Just don’t forget about the cake!

5. Plan the activities:
Shower games are a great way to break the ice, but not everyone is a fan. Games like “Baby Shower Bingo” and “Mystery Baby Food Jar” are safe bets, but not every mom is crazy about “Guess the Size of Mom’s Belly.”

6. Pick the favors:
Guests always appreciate thoughtful shower party favors. And if you’re going to have games, it’s fun to win prizes.

It wouldn’t be much of a baby shower without the guests, so show your gratitude by sending them off with thoughtful party favors. They don’t have to be extravagant; homemade baby shower treats like cookies and chocolates wrapped in tulle or colored cellophane are just as appreciated as chocolate bars with personalized wrapping (maybe even more so since they’re made by you!).

But the most important thing to remember when planning a baby shower is that it’s all about the mom-to-be. Make sure she’s pampered, feels special and has fun!

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