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How to Play Funny Crossy Road

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I saw a little dog crossing the road yesterday, it took a look at right and left to see whether there were cars passing, and then it rush across the street safely. Such a clever doggie I thought, and I also figured out what can I write this paper, which next I will teach you how to play little top free strategy games, crossy road, oh I love it so much, and mobile video games download is provided below if you keep reading!

First things first, I have been playing the game for weeks, I love the Lego style looking, this time, It’s a goddamn chicken, not a clever dog to cross the road, and the road is very dangerous, and little chicken will get killed if she don’t notice the fast passing by cars!

This game may looks very plain, I’m never expecting any good performance it will bring to me, anyway, it looks very dumb and childish, it graphic looks like the toy we played when we were child. I just find some mobile strategy games to spare my boring time.

However, when I download it and play for a while, Damn, it is so charming, and indulge in the Lego world of this game. So you can not miss this interesting thing!

Talking about the image, the first thing I saw is a pixel square chicken, then I start the game as the control description: Tap the screen, the chicken will move, and swipe to turn around, very simple but direct, huh?

There is an old saying called men can not be judged by his look. And regard a game whether good or bad only by looking at its image style maybe much too subjective, so let’s just forget the complicated evaluate standards, and play some rounds! Click free mobile game download and play directly!

Players will control a jumping chicken by keep tapping the screen, and move upward the map, jump through streets ,rivers, railroads and running cars! They can take a rest between two roads’ grassland, but pay attention on the giant hawk, which will grab the chicken suddenly when it rest for too much time.

As for the difficulty, the game is kind of hard. There are five ways to die and game will be over: Getting crush by cars, running onto a car, jumping through river flow being drowned by accident, standing on a timber on the water and get washed away by water, and get caught by hawk. And I suddenly feel I’m getting addicted by those difficulties and surprises, it reminds of angry birds which are still hot now.

Compared with Angry birds, the game is much more splendid and rich in contents: There are tons of characters or roles not only this goddamn chicken, players can earn money and get a random role by lottery, It is like the Easter eggs.

Different roles are different animals and professions, for example, frogs and turtles can swim while doves will take a shit when it is resting… For more surprise, you will discover yourself by download the game and begin an adventure!

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