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How To Source Affiliate Products With The Maximum Profit Potential

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Just because a sales letter has been written by an ace copyrighter does not mean that customers will be happy with their product or service. One of the fastest ways to lose money as an affiliate is by promoting products that are crap. Smart affiliates know there is real money to be had in sourcing products with maximum profit potential.

How do you define a product that satisfies its buyers and converts well? Ultimately you want to promote products that convert at least at 2 percent or higher. This means for every 100 visitors who you send to the merchant’s sales page 2 buy and you get the commission.

Another important factor to bear in mind is the refund rate for a product, particularly on Clickbank. There is absolutely no use promoting a product that converts 25 people out of 100 if 23 ask for a refund.

You will have a good idea once you start promoting a product whether it has got good appeal for both sales and customer satisfaction.

Unfortunately, refunds are becoming more and more common as merchants are choosing to spend more money on a quality sales letter than a quality product.

One of the best places to start looking for quality products online to promote is the Clickbank Marketplace. When you go to this online store you will notice that there are many niches and categories to choose from. You are able to search for products relating to a certain keyword or niche. The best way to search Clickbank is with gravity as high gravity will reveal how many affiliates are making commissions from this product in the last eight weeks.

Affiliate commissions here range from 1-75 percent. If you can find a quality product with a very low refund rate I would recommend that you choose a product that not only pays high commissions but also has a high retail price. For all the work that you do as an affiliate it is much better to earn 50 percent of a $150 product than 75 percent of a $19 product.

Product rankings in Clickbank are updated every day so in that time you will want to see if there are any products that are increasing in popularity that you can then take advantage of and either launch a pay per click campaign related to it, create a free viral report related to it or do some powerful article marketing in the niche.

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