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How To Take Care Of A Dog

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If you want your dog to live a long and happy life, there are certain things you should do to ensure he stays healthy. A dog does not need as much care as a small child or baby would, but it does need attention and regular care to keep it healthy. Some dogs need more care than others, but on the whole dogs are easy-going, loyal creatures that enjoy human company.

Your dog needs to have an identity tag and regular vaccinations. Check what your local laws require. The dog tag should be attached to the dog’s collar and have your name, address and contact phone number on it, in case your dog gets lost. Once you have brought your dog home, you will need to take it to the veterinarian for health check-ups and vaccinations on a regular basis.

You need to feed your dog regularly! Provide him with adequate fresh water every day and enough healthy food for his breed type. Investigate the amount and type of food required for your dog.

Grooming is important for dogs. You must bathe your dogs once a month and keep their coats brushed and free from ticks and fleas. A dog’s teeth are very important and care is required to keep them healthy. Your dog’s ears and eyes must also be cleaned often and watched for diseases. You may also need to clip your dog’s nails on a regular basis. You may not have the time to carry out these tasks or feel confident enough to do them. That’s okay, you can always hire a dog groomer to groom your dog for you.

A dog needs plenty of exercise, and generally the bigger the dog, the more exercise it will need. If you are not prepared to exercise your dog on a daily basis then perhaps you should think about getting another kind of pet. Not only is regular exercise good for your dog’s health, but it also gives him the opportunity to be with you. Dogs crave company and like to be with their pack as much as possible. Remember when you are walking your dog he should always be on a leash.

Unless you are a dog breeder, it’s a good idea to get your dog spayed or neutered. Not only will this stop unwanted puppies arriving, it will also give your dog a longer, healthier life.

You may want to take your dog to obedience class. This will enable you to socialize your dog and give you more time together. Dogs are loyal companions and want nothing more than to be with their owner.

Caring for your dog should not be a difficult task, but an enjoyable one for both you and your loving pet.

Here are a few necessary items you must have for your dog:

1. Food for your dog. If you are getting a puppy, make sure the food you have is appropriate for puppies. Talk to the pet store or veterinarian about the most appropriate food for your dog.

2. A leash for walking your dog. Once your dog is off your property, you should always have it on a leash.

3. A collar and ID tag. Your dog must always have its ID tag on its dog collar. The tag will contain information about your dog, such as its name, and how to contact the owner should your dog get lost.

4. Two dog bowls one for water and one for food. Make sure you clean these regularly.

5. Kennel. Your dog needs warm shelter to keep out of the weather so unless you are going to have an inside dog, you need to provide your dog with a place to sleep at night, such as a dog kennel.

6. Bedding for your dog to sleep in. These come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can be bought from the pet store or you can make up a comfortable place with old blankets and cushions for your dog to sleep on. A crate is useful for puppies to sleep in.

7. Dog toys! Dogs love to chew things and chase balls. Make sure you have a few on hand for your dog to play with. Ensure you get ones that are the right size for your dog. You don’t want ones that are too small and can be swallowed by your dog.

8. A brush and other grooming implements, especially if you have a long haired dog. Long haired dogs need extra care to keep their coats looking healthy and neat. You may need to purchase different types of combs, for untangling knots and getting at the dog’s undercoat. Make sure you know what type of grooming tools your need for your breed of dog.

9. Nail clippers to keep your dog’s nails neat. There are special dog nail clippers available.

10. Dog shampoo for when you give your dog a bath.

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