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How To Use A Fake Bake Self Tanning Product On The Skin

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The face creates the first impression when you meet a person because it is easily visible. This makes it necessary to take great care it and also take necessary measures to ensure it always looks fresh always. There are various methods that can be used to achieve this. One them is the use of fake bake self tanning products.

Tanning can be achieved naturally by sunbathing which involves exposing the body to direct sunlight. However, this process is not overly effective since the tan does not always appear even on the body. The face receives more tanning that the other body parts due to its prolonged exposure to the sun. This therefore creates the need for a fake bake self tanning products to ensure that the tan on the face is even on the whole body.

There is a wide variety of fake bake self tanning products in the market for this purpose. These products are manufactured using varying chemical components that transform the skin to achieve desired results. Different chemical components will have varying results when used on the skin. For this reason one should understand the composition of the fake bake self tanning product chosen to determine the results that will be achieved.

A tan can be applied either when one wakes up or at night before going to bed. However before the application it is essential to make adequate preparation. Exfoliation is the first step to prepare for a tan application. This involves cleaning the skin by scrubbing to remove previous fake bake self tanning tan applications, skin oils and dead skin cells. This should be followed by application of moisturizers immediately after exfoliation.

Before application of the fake bake self tanning lotion, the face has to be cleaned thoroughly using normal cleaning procedures. Let the face dry for at least 15 minutes before starting the application process. During the application, the fake bake self tanning lotion should be used in small quantities. This is important to avoid applying it on the eyes. The tan should also be rubbed on the skin in circular motions to allow for an even application of the tan. Tanning will then take effect starting from 30 minutes after application.

After applying the fake bake self tanning lotion, the hands should be thoroughly washed. This should be done immediately after the application in order to ensure that the tan does not stain the hand. It is also important to ensure that you do not touch the face. The importance of this is to avoid rubbing off the tan before it s fully settled thereby causing uneven distribution on the face.

The skin reacts differently when exposed to various chemical components. For this reason, visit a cosmetology before using the fake bake self tanning lotion. This is important to ascertain the kind of reactions that might occur from the skin after using various products. It is also imperative to gather information in regard to various sub-standard products that might be in the market. These products have higher chances of having negative effects on the skin.

Searching for the right product can be done online. This is done by use of search engines and accessing various online stores. These stores also provide information regarding various fake bake self tanning products that they may have on offer.

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