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Hula Hoops: Making A Comeback

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Hula hoops were a very popular gift for kids in the past, and they are on the rise again today. Millions of baby boomers remember playing with the brightly colored rings, trying to swivel your hips to keep the hula hoop in motion. Not only was this great fun, it was also terrific exercise trying to see how long you could keep the hoop going.

Today a new generation of kids want to receive a hula hoop as a gift, and this old fashioned toy is being given a new lease on life. Preteen and teenage kids currently are enthralled with this toy that does not require batteries, electricity, and sitting around constantly.

Obesity in kids today is starting to be a nationwide problem, and the best way to combat this is to encourage your kids to move and play, and a hula hoop does this. This toy requires energy used by the kid to get the desired response. A hula hoop will also challenge your child to improve their fitness level, as kids want to keep the hula hoop going longer and longer, so they practice and get more exercise in the process.

A hula hoop is the perfect gift for kids who are usually sedentary, encouraging them to move, and making exercise fun and enjoyable. It is a proven fact that if someone can find an exercise they enjoy, they are more likely to continue with this exercise and gain a better fitness level. Kids are no different, and a hula hoop is a way to get the exercise while enjoying themselves and having fun.

The newest hula hoops have the same basic construction, but there are a few differences, like the decoration and the material the hula hoop is manufactured from. The newer hula hoops are very vividly colored, making them much more attractive. There are a few models that may even have glitter or decals on the hula hoop. The newest generation of this old kids toy is definitely eye catching, and any child would be thrilled to receive one of these toys as a gift.

There is also a small change in the composition of the hula hoops today, and they are slightly more flexible, as well as much more durable. The plastic is thicker, giving the hula hoop a better resistance to breaking and cracking. No matter which hula hoop you choose as gift, you will be giving hours of fun and enjoyment to your child.

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