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Hunting in the Fall at Poronui NZ

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(Taupo, New Zealand) Crisp clear mornings are providing excellent conditions for hunting deer at Poronui Station, near Taupo in the central North Island of New Zealand.

Lodge Manager Eve Reilly claims the promise of a June deer stalk in the white frosty landscape is sufficient to stir hunters and photographers out of bed,”The excitement begins the nightfall before, when guests plan the final details of the deer stalk with their Poronui Hunting guide. An early breakfast is normally short lived, and then everyone rugs up and heads out to the wilderness while it’s still dark,” asserts Reilly.

Reilly says that suns up shortly after 7am, with the hunters’ breath filling the predawn air with white puffs of pure adrenalin,”Coming over the ridge and noticing the deer at dawn is totally spellbinding. Non hunting partners regularly accompany the party just to see the sun rising over the white frosty hills. Many photos and videos are taken, however nothing tops basically being there in real life,” says Reilly.

The frost swiftly liquifies when the sun comes over the horizon and the lustrous frost makes the perfect backdrop for stills and video, with Poronui hunting guides being expert in the art capturing highly remarkable moments of the hunter with their deer.

Reilly announces that Poronui hunting guides are consummate professional, highly experienced and extremely knowledgeable,”There is nothing our hunting guides like better than getting a client lined up on a trophy, but at the same time our guides are good company and its always an exciting day out in the hills for everyone. ”

A dawn hunt is generally followed by a hefty breakfast back at the lodge, and then the processing of the deer begins. Reilly says that the deer is field dressed by the guide, and then according to the client’s needs there is the chance of venison for the chef to prepare, venison for the fridge, a skin for the floor and antlers for the wall. The clients can be concerned with as much or as little of the processing of the deer as they prefer. Reilly claims that Poronui has the experience to meet the most precise necessities. She is saying that as among the premier sporting lodges globally , they have top flight artisans who make a top grade skin and a mounted head to be envied,”Part of the joys of Poronui is about making memories, and expediting and/or mounting a trophy is easily organized. We work with the best taxidermists in New Zealand. ”

Frosty mornings at Poronui blossom into radiant clear days, and the guarantee of more adventure. Reilly says there is always plenty to do at Poronui Hunting, but nothing that you must do. Go to Poronui Hunting to plan your New Zealand deer hunting expedition.

With properties in both the North and South Island, Poronui Hunting offer superb Red Stag hunting in New Zealand, and trophy on the hunt for Sika, Rusa, Sambar, Tahr, Chamois, Fallow Buck and more. We also provide phenomenal free range hunting opportunities. We have luxury hunting lodges and top New Zealand hunting guides. For further information, contact Poronui Hunting.

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