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Is The 3-in-1 System The Best In Penis Enlargement?

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As long as a man has a penis, he will want it to be bigger. This obsession with a bigger manhood has fueled the rise and rise of the penis enlargement “industry”. Hey, no man wants to have a tiny willy. Its hurting to the fragile male ego and an outright embarrassment to be seen in the men’s locker room.

So every man wants to get bigger but what is the best enlargement product out there for us? Is there even one? With so many products being touted by vendors, this can get really confusing. Pills, exercises, pumps, devices, etc are flooding the online market today. Spammers are in the act too.

Then someone came up with a brilliant idea : a holistic, 3-in-1 approach to male penis enlargement. But is this animal The Real M’coy? We will investigate it in this article.

The Combination Approach To Male Penile Enlargement : pills plus exercises plus device.

In order to assess this hybrid product, we will analyse each product individually for its true worth :

1) Penis enlargement pills

The penile pills are made of male aphrodisiac herbs that are good for the overall sexual functions of a man. It improves semen and sperm output, strengthens erections and may even make a penis look bigger, albeit temporarily. A male enlarging pill improves blood circulation to the penile tissues thus increasing the erect size of the penis. This will give the impression of a bigger manhood but it is surely not a permanent increase at all.

2) Penis enlargement exercises

Such exercises are commonly known as Jelqing. They do increase the length and girth of your manhood but is it the best enlargement product out there? If not done correctly, penis exercises can damage sensitive penile tissues leading to scarring and temporary impotence.

3) Penis enlargement devices

A penile enlargement device is variously known as a penis stretcher, penis traction device or penis extender. They work on the principle of tracton that is behind the success of orthopaedic surgery. This states that the body cells expand when a constant and measured traction force is applied to a part of the it. In the case of the male sexual organ, the enlargement device applies a small traction force on the length of penile shaft, stretching the tissues within and causing the cells therein to multiply and expand. Penis enlargement devices are clinically proven to work and are recommended by doctors even.

To summarize, if done properly, penis exercises and enlargement devices can help you enlarge your member permanently while penile pills assist in this enlargement process. The pills are like the supplements that body builders take – they don’t enlarge the organ by themselves directly but helps in the process.

Now that you know how each product work individually, it is clear that a combination approach (3-in-1) is the best deal – the best penis enlargement product. Not only do you get to enlarge your manhood, but you get to enlarge it quickly and with added benefits like harder erections, bigger ejaculations, etc. This holistic approach gives you the best of all worlds.

The next problem is finding a reliable, trusted, packaged product that has all 3 penis enhancement products in it. Its not difficult to do if you have the time. But if you don’t there are ready reports you can lay your hands on if your search for it.

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