Is Trex Deck Material the Perfect Choice??

Today the potential deck builder has a wider selection of possible deck material alternatives than in previous years.

Pressure-treated wood is most often used for deck supports and framing because of its inexpensive cost and longevity. The deck surface, fascia, railing and step systems are commonly made using cedar, redwood, ipe and red meranti depending upon the homeowner’s budget.

Composite decking like Trex is growing in popularity because it offers outstanding durability without preservatives or sealants, workability that wood cannot match, an elegant natural coloring that stays looking great year after year and is priced slightly above the more expensive natural wood choices.

Trex decking is made from reclaimed and recycled materials. There are 2 ingredients in trex decking; equal parts reclaimed hardwood sawdust and reclaimed/recycled polyethylene plastics such as grocery bags and stretch film. The benefits of the wood fiber are increased stiffness, protection from UltraViolet rays of the sun, the workability of the best grades of lumber and slip resisitance. The plastics used in the creation of Trex decking provide low moisture absorption and also guarantee great chemical and pest resisitance.

The combination of wood and plastic in Trex decking means that it can stand up to anything that Mother Nature can dish out! Structures using composite lumber like Trex have been standing up to the toughest environmental conditions for over 10 plus years.

Trex decking contains no preservatives or chemical addititives. It does not rot, crack, split or deteriorate due to harsh weather conditions.

Trex decking does not require the application of sealants. It is not subject to water, sun or insect damage. Ongoing weather testing equaling 20 plus years has shown no deterioration of performance. Trex is backed up by a 10 year transferable limited warranty.

Trex is available in 6 color options to suit most any home style: Winchester Grey, Madeira, Cayenne, Burnished Amber, Saddle and Woodland Brown. Homeowners also have 4 available finishes from which to choose: Origins, Contours, Brasilia and Accents.

Trex is an excellent choice not only for the decking surface but also for the railing system of a deck. A Trex railing system expands the deck design capabilities of a homeowner by dividing space in spectacular ways using a wide array of colors, textures and shapes. Trex railings are made with the same enduring quality, eliminate splinters and give the deck a finished professional appearance.

There are 3 railing systems from which to choose. The Artisans series reflects a thoughtful design with a crisp, finished appearance. The Designer series gives a distinctive look without the cutting or routing normally required with wood. Finally, the Traditional series is designed for those who prefer the traditional railing system normally associated with wood decks.

The are a number of imitators and competitors of Trex. However, the company did originally create the category of composite decking materials. Trex has the longest record of proven performance with over a million homeownders having used the product successfully.

In the long run a deck constructed with Trex makes for a wise choice because of its durability, its choice of colors and styles and because it has great value over the life of a deck purchase.

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