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Kamia Kennels – A Company Devoted To Norwegian Elkhound Dog Breed

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Kamia Kennels, a British Columbia based company, was founded for the sake of Norwegian Elkhound dog breed. The company is always ready to show their visitors its facility because the living condition and health of their animals (both breeding dogs and puppies) can satisfy even the most difficult visitors.

All Norwegian Elkhound dogs at Kamia Kennels, including the breeding pairs and the puppies, appear to be healthy and well cared. Kamia Kennels team understand well the history of the breed and the variations descended from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Scandanavia. Only devoted dog owners can have such terrific dogs.

Kamia Kennels websites are reliable resources of the Elkhound dog breeds. Kamia Kennels have puppies for sale. The puppies are from a healthy pair of Norwegian Elkhound dogs raised by the company. Those who interested may easily find helpful tips for their dog training on the website. Their blog at kamiakennels.com are regularly updated with articles, images, videos of the Norwegian Elkhound dogs which have been raised by different owners. Those videos show the amazing moments the dog owners have with their Norwegian Elkhound dogs.

Having a Norwegian Elkhound dog not only brings you more fun, it changes your lifestyle positively as well. A Norwegian Elkhound dog is your best companion when you do outdoor activities such as hiking, jogging. Summer is coming. There’s no reason to be lazy indoor anymore. Go out and start hiking or jogging with your dog to get fit for the summer. Below are some outdoor activities you can do with your dog.

Jogging with your Norwegian Elkhound dog is excellent for your lungs and heart’s health, being an activity that improves your stamina. The secret is to start gradually and to increase your distance or time by maximum 10% a week. So get the perfect pair of running shoes and a good sports bra, if you’re a woman, and start improving your fitness and health form alongside the company of your dog.

If you are a nature lover, you’ll enjoy hiking with your Norwegian Elkhounds dog. Unlike walking or jogging, hiking requires a little bit of preparation. A backpack is needed to carry water, your hiking boots and the dog boots if you intend to hike with your dog. Like any other exercises, you should start out with a few miles first to develop your and your dog’s level of endurance; then gradually build up to longer treks.

Kamia Kennels company members are true dog lovers. If you are looking for healthy and well-cared Norwegian Elkhound puppies, check out Kamia Kennels websites for any upcoming litters.

At Kamia Kennels, Elkhound dog lovers can find quality photos, videos, information, training tips. Kamia Kennels have Norwegian Elkhound puppies for sale as well. Norwegian Elkhound is an ancient breed with history dating back thousands of years.

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