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Laws Concerning Passenger Behavior On Flights

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In the current global situations, it is not surprising that there are laws affecting passenger behavior in all fifty states of the United States, as well as other countries. Flight personnel for all airlines have received some training concerning unruly or dangerous passengers.

There have been numerous accounts in the news media over the past few years of passengers who were intoxicated, on drugs, or just plain explosively angry. No matter what the reason, it is never okay to put your hands on any other person, whether they work for the airline or are another passenger.

The first case of flight rage happened in !947, and the passenger was a man who was drunk and assaulted another passenger. The local law enforcement usually get involved any time a passenger has to be removed from a flight by security personnel.

Ever since the terrorism attacks in the United States and in other countries, the penalties for interfering with flight personnel in any way have become more severe. The airlines have also tightened the restrictions on alcohol consumption, and flight attendants are authorized to refuse to serve alcohol to any passenger who appears intoxicated.

The local law enforcement agencies where the incident occurs will arrest and detain the passenger, and they will face criminal charges. It is also against the law to take any prohibited device or item onto an airplane, or to try and smuggle anything that is prohibited through the security check points.

Airport security has the right to detain any passenger for any reason, and there have been lawsuits for claims of illegal detention. The best way for a passenger to make sure they are not breaking any laws is to behave responsibly, be civil to security and other people, and to follow all instructions you are given by the flight personnel as well as airport personnel.

The laws concerning passengers vary from state to state, and locality to locality. No matter where you are located, however, there are laws that have criminal penalties for disrupting a flight or disobeying airline personnel.

Anymore it is even prohibited to carry disposable lighters, any matches, and numerous other items onto an airplane, and trying to smuggle any of these items on board the plane will result in your removal and arrest. This is especially true with any explosive or incendiary devices or materials. These items are not allowed even in checked luggage, or on the airport premises.

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