Lingerie Buying Guide

Lingerie shops are gaining popularity as more and more women buy and wear lingerie. Here are some of the lingerie styles that you will encounter.

Baby Doll Set

Generally, a baby doll set is a set of two pieces consisting of a top or a robe with a matching bottom. The top is usually form fitting on the bust area and flows into a flaring skirt. It is short and ends usually just below the rear. They are available in a variety of fabrics from sheer lace, satin and silk.


A chemise is longer than a baby doll top but is still a short A-line gown. It can be with a halter or spaghetti straps. It looks good on almost all types of figures because of its angular shape. There are various styles and it can often come with a matching bottom. Choices of fabrics range from silk to lace.


A camisole is an undershirt that has thin spaghetti straps for women. Its fit is loose and has a matching bottom to pair it with. It can be worn for casual occasions for camisole is now available as outer wear.


A corset has ribs or bones and is a garment structured to create desired body proportions. It can effect a very attractive and curvy shape. Depending on the shaping that a corset could do, some styles can be difficult to wear. Corsets are now popular as an outerwear and are appropriate to be worn at clubs or at a dinner party.

Bridal Set

Also referred to as merry widow, the bridal set typically can consist of a bra, matching panties, a camisole or corset top and stockings or a garter belt depending on the variety of items included. The styles can be simple and conservative providing full coverage or can be sultry and wild in skimpy designs.

Boy Shorts

Boy shorts actually provide conservative and full coverage on the rear and on the sides but with some in daring styles that provide only partial coverage. These are figure shaping and material can range from cotton to lace.


Bikini bottoms have thin straps but provide ample coverage in the rear area. They can come in a variety of fabrics and styles (figure hugging or loose).


The thong provides minimal coverage in front and shapes into a T at the rear providing very minimal to typically no coverage. They are the solutions to visible panty lines especially if you are wearing tight hugging types of clothes.


While the thong can provide very minimal coverage with its thin strip on the rear, the G-string provides no coverage at all with just a faint string or strand.

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