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Linux Security: It’s Importance in Today’s World

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In spite of several other operating systems gaining a huge monopoly in the market, Linux has always has its own fan following. Even today, many people are realizing the strategic important of Linux as an operating system.

There are several reasons for this – the quality is good, security is high and best of all, fixes are quick in a Linux system. More importantly, it is available for use by anyone and everyone who cares to use it because of the source code that’s freely available.

The ultimate goal of Linux is quality and that’s the reason, over the years bugs have been fixed, hacked and re-improved. Linux is the best testimony there is to Open Source technology – a trend being increasingly adopted by organizations across the globe.

Open Source offers flexibility and does not restrict any machine that chooses to use this technology. The ‘free for all’ characteristic of Linux makes it open for quick fixes and more security features being built. Single source technology, on the other hand, is more restrictive and has the potential hazard of being thrown open to security attacks. More and more companies are adopting Linux as their operating system simply because of the immense security it offers.

Advantages of Linux

You may be wondering what it is that sets Linux apart from so many other operating systems – the answer lies in the fundamental Open Source technology.

Freely distributed source code.
Linux source code is free for all to see, fix and improve upon. That makes Linux security truly global in nature. Programmers all across the globe continuously review this code to see how they can fix bugs and optimize performance on an ongoing basis.

Sound technical support.
Linux has a great network of distributors, users and developers who are more than ready to help you out with a bug or problem.

Linux systems are extremely durable – and will often last long after even the hardware has failed the machine.

Linux has a wide compatibility with almost all hardware and computer types such as Alpha, Power PC, 680×0, SPARC etc.

Linux source code is free for all to fix. Therefore there are no vendor lock-ins or other such restrictive practices. Anyone and everyone can go to the source code and fix the root of the problem.

Low cost.
The wide range of tools, easy access and durability provides for really low maintenance and operational costs. This makes it more suitable for organizations, especially small sized start ups.

Getting your enterprise Linux ready
Most enterprises today are faced with an increasing threat of security hazards and virus attacks. While Linux is equally susceptible to such attacks, there is an implicit assurance of getting fixes to such problems rapidly. Therefore recovery is fast and simple, resulting in minimal losses to the enterprise.

More and more organizations are adopting the Open Source Linux model. There are plenty of agencies that help enterprises pick the right Linux model to address their unique needs. With built in Linux security and a host of other features, enterprises can now afford to sit back and relax.

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