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Making Beautiful Scrapbooks, Share Feelings, Friends, Family

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Looking for new ideas for scrapbooks? Here are some of the different ways people choose to use their scrapbooking skills – and no children necessary in the frame.

1. Expressing Your Feelings

We are emotional people. Good and not-so-good feelings can overwhelm us. Stages of life can be exciting or difficult.

What are you feeling just now? Anger, confusion, depression, discouragement? Journal them as you are scrapbooking!

Are you exhilarated, happy, thankful? Jot your thoughts and include them too!

Do you feel like laughing, crying, shouting, singing? Scrapbook it!

Are you on a stressful path in life at the moment? Think your way through it as you create a new scrap book page!

Many events in life, from everyday events to once in a lifetime opportunities can engender strong emotion. Scrapbook it!

Write a letter. Write a prayer. Express your feelings.

2. Build a Memory Book of the Things You Love

You can include people, siblings, vacations, pets, your first car, or your new bike. Favorite food, shoes, clothes, or scrapbooking tools! Basically anything you love and want to celebrate or remember.

Have you just bought your first home? Then make sure you take ‘before and after’ photos that show how you made it your own, and include them on a page or two.

Or have you just moved house or job? Scrapbook the things you loved about the old and are looking forward to in the new.

You can capture your hopes and dreams. Hmm! Not sure that one fits here, but we’ll leave it anyway to give you the idea.

3. Make a Journal of the Things You Are Thankful For

There are so many things in life we can be thankful for; it’s just that sometimes we take them for granted: like the smile of love and acceptance on a friend’s face, or the thoughtful card she sends on our birthday.

Edna has received many lovely cards in her lifetime. Her daughter has a knack of finding a funny one for many of the situations Edna experiences in life. They’ve had countless laughs together over them. So gathering these precious cards together in a scrapbooking album was not only fun, but a reminder of the things for which she was thankful.

Family members, significant occasions, gifts, and everyday events are among the things most people cherish. Scrapbook the things you are thankful for.

There we are then. 3 further compelling reasons for scrapbooking, and none requiring children – that’s not to say that none of the ideas could have included them; all could.

But you don’t have to have children to make beautiful scrapbooks.

Which precious memories would you like to relish most over the years? For more inspiring articles, ideas, tips and help to start scrapbooking, go to Genie Balfour’s web site at http://www.scrapbookinggems.com/main/why-do-you-scrapbook/

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