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MLM Training – Answers to Common MLM Lead Questions. Proven and Effective Scripts Included

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Continuing with my MLM Training – Great Questions Answered series here are some brilliant and effective solutions to three of the most pressing MLM lead questions. Included are key scripts and phrases I’ve used with great success when speaking with leads.

Here’s a simple MLM training tip: The lifeblood of any MLM business is prospects. If you don’t have anyone to talk to, you’ll have a tough time selling products or showing the business plan. Whether you purchase leads, meet people or focus on your warm market, here are my answers to three very common MLM lead questions.

Let’s start with question number one:

How soon after I receive a lead should I call the prospect?

That question is a simple one to answer but sometimes hard to achieve – immediately, as soon as possible; right now! When working with leads, pretend you are the prospect. The prospect fills out a contact form stating they are interested in a business they can work from home (this is assuming you’re using leads from Brilliant Exchange). When is your prospect interested? While they’re filling out the form!

If you are using Brilliant Exchange leads, you know they’re “REAL TIME” leads which means that as soon as the prospect fills out the form the contact form comes to your email – so that is the best time to call them. Even if they say on the contact form another time to contact them – you know they’re awake and home – so that is what I’ve found to be the best time. If you feel uneasy about calling them if it’s in the middle of the night – just send them an email and say something like – “Hi,you just submitted a request for information about a business and I just happen to be at my computer – is now a good time to talk for a couple of minutes?”

An important thing I want to add concerning this question is that a lead’s value is based on “freshness.” The fresher the lead, the more valuable it is. The older the lead – the more it has “rotted.” When you’re buying REAL TIME leads, don’t waste the real value – call them as soon as you possibly can.

If you want a sure way to achieve MLM success you have to get the timing right when working with leads. If you don’t follow up with real time leads as quickly as possible, they will continue looking and in the meantime just might find something else!

Now let’s move to question number two:

What are some good questions to ask after they’ve viewed the Brilliant Compensation video?

First, make sure you’ve listened to the Follow-Up and Follow-Through sections of Professional Inviter because there’s much more detail in there as well as live calls to listen to how I say it. Also, use the Inviting Formula on the Follow-Up call (you used it to get the prospect to look at the Brilliant Compensation movie). The Greeting is really quick, “Hi, how are you today?” The Qualifying is quick also, “Did you watch the movie?” You may want to use this variation, “Did you watch all of the movie?” Then use some of these questions:

A. “Could you see a way to achieve ___________?” (the blank gets filled in with what the prospect told you they wanted to achieve with a business.)

B. “Did you find it educational?”

C. “What did you like about it?”

D. “Was anything confusing?”

E. “Do you see why I thought it would be a good idea that you watch it?”

F. “Was there a particular part that struck a chord with you?”

G. “Did you like the part about the Baby Boomers, that was the basketball going through the garden hose section?”

H. “The main reason I wanted you to watch it was the section near the end about leverage because that is how you achieve ______, did you understand that part? I know sometimes when I hear numbers I get confused. Did that make sense to you?”

Those suggested questions should help you bridge to the next part of the Inviting Formula which is to connect your MLM business and the products your company sells to some of their answers to the above questions.

And finally question number three:

What is your answer to someone who doesn’t know what they want in a business, they reply by saying “I want to know what is out there.”

Great question – I’ve had this one several times. Basically, it tells you that people want something a business will give them – NOT THE BUSINESS! These prospects are easily won by being helpful to them. They know they want something different, but have no idea what. So take a coaching position to helping them solve it. But don’t allow this to take you off the Inviting Formula. Here’s what I say when they say, “I want to know what is out there.”

“Alright I think I understand the situation you’re in. You want something different but you don’t know what’s out there so you’re curious, am I hearing you correctly?”

The prospect will normally answer something like, “Yeah, basically” or will adjust what you said slightly. Then acknowledge what they’ve said.

“Well first I want to say well done to you for realizing there is more (only use the word “more” if they used that word. If they used the word “different” you use the word “different.”) out there instead of being satisfied with the status quo. Tell me something, what motivated you to get up off the couch and decide you wanted more?” Then, after they’ve answered that, ask, “So you and I are on the same page” what does more (or different – depending on the word they used) mean to you? How much more are we talking?”

This is how you get the person who doesn’t know what they want to talk to you so you can help them.

The answers to these questions will guide you right down the path to using MLM leads with success. It’s so important that you take a lead, follow up on it IMMEDIATELY, follow through with the right questions after they’ve seen Brilliant Compensation and then help them get what they need and want by using the MLM business model to achieve their goals.

Tim Sales helps network marketers gain the confidence and skills to be an MLM success. Learn how to become a true network marketing professional and sign up for his free MLM training newsletter and listen to free training at www.brilliantexchange.com

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