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Oh No! Have A Return

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There are many questions to be answered when shopping online. Many people probably have never thought of some of the questions they should have asked before ever shopping online.

Return policies are very important. Clothes tend to vary in sizes when bought online from merchants , and appliances can be delivered with damage. So it pays to know the merchants return policy.

Many return policies are very simple. All one needs to do is simply return the item or items within fifteen days from the shipping date and your refund will be send to you for full purchase price. Of course you have to remember that someone has to pay to send the return back to the merchant. Either you pay for the shipping or it will be deducted from your refund. Then you are just likely to be charged another fee for the merchant having to handle your return. This has been known to happen.

If you should ever have a question about your order , once you receive it , your packing slip may be able to answer most of your questions that are commonly ask. You should be able to find the packing slip inside of your package or in a plastic folder that has been securely attached to the outside of your package.

If you must call customer service regarding your order , it is important to have the following information handy.

Customer number- you will find this located on the invoice.

Name and address in which the order was placed under.

Order date

Order number – this is located on the invoice.


You will receive a refund if the merchandise is returned in sale able condition.

You aren’t entitled to shipping and handling charges.

Return items don’t prompt you for any ordinal free shipping offers.

Postage will be deducted from your refund that is to be issued. This simply means that if your original order had free shipping , the actual shipping cost will be applied on the returned merchandise.

Non-Returnable Items:

Everyone should know that there are some items you can’t returned once the package has been opened.

Under garments


Pillow cases

Swim wear


It is part of the health and hygiene regulations that these products not be resold nor returned. There are many reasons why you should understand the non- returnable policy. Could you imagine putting on under garments someone else has soiled? Need there be more said.

Before you open a package make sure you want to accept it. Women are bad about changing under garments and pantyhose that have been soiled and replacing them with a new pair. The soiled ones are then placed in the package to be sold to another customer. Women should be cautious when buying under garments; pantyhose; or swimwear.

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