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Online PAs Can Give Small Businesses A Boost

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The internet has opened up a world of opportunities for ordinary people to access professional support services for all aspects of their business. Online Personal Assistants (PAs) also known as Virtual Assistants (VAs), can be hired for small projects or over the longer term. You can find online PAs qualified to do just about any job: secretarial, marketing and graphic design. Online Virtual Assistants also provide services across a broad spectrum of administrative functions, book-keeping, writing, editing and technical services.

An online PA can become an essential support system for your business and personally as they do more than just one job, secretarial skills being only part of the equation. Most Assistants have a range of professional skills and can provide a range of high demand services such as word processing, desktop publishing, invoicing, mailing list management, travel arrangements, and bill paying. Some offer specialist services in computer programming and website design, editing and writing services.

It would probably not have crossed your mind that an online contractor could actually pay your bills for you. However if you organise for your Virtual Assistant to receive a copy of your bills and set up an account from which they can pay your bills, nothing could be easier. Of course, it would be unwise to trust a stranger with this job, secretarial and administrative functions are fine to give a new associate, but not access to a bank account.

Using the services of an online Personal Assistant can be far more economical and convenient than hiring a temp or using a traditional secretarial or other support service. Online communication is immediate and cost effective. In fact, outsourcing work to online Assistants works out to cost a fraction of what it costs to hire an employee. This is because Virtual Assistants are self employed and cover their own overheads. You do not have to pay a salary (even for downtime), contribute to a pension plan, provide holiday pay, pay for sick leave, and training amongst other costs of having staff. Effectively, using online Personal Assistants gives your business access to the same sort of professional support that a large corporation has on tap, but without the cost. While it is certainly true that the hourly rate of a good online assistant to do a job secretarial staff will do for a lower hourly rate will be significantly higher, you will only pay for the hours worked and you do not have to carry equipment costs and the many employee related costs just mentioned.

Furthermore, if you use a Virtual Assistant in a different time zone, you can have work done while you sleep. As with any working relationship, you may have to work through teething issues or even try different assistants until you are happy. It’s important to persist until you’re happy because when you find the right assistant for your job, secretarial or otherwise, your life will get a whole lot easier.

PA Assist job secretarial will find you an online secreterary who can help you to run your business in a more efficient and economical manner.

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