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Penis Enlargement Pill : How To Separate The Gold From The Junk

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If you have an email account, you must have seen countless spam emails touting penis enlargement pills. Most of these are useless junk peddled by unscrupulous spammers using other people’s email address. But that does not all penis enlargement pills are scams, far from it.

The real deal does not come uninvited via spam. These real vendors don’t need to resort to such tactics and risk losing their business. They already have their hands full fulfilling orders from guys who want a convenient, reliable and risk-free way to enlarge their penises. The problem is how to locate a genuine vendor of good, effect penis pills that really do the job. This article gives you 4 key points to consider when choosing a penis enlargement pill system.

Firstly, you can always do a search for penis enlargement pills on the more popular search engines like Google. That’s where you find the potentially good ones. Potentially because some of the scammers still managed to get on board the search engines.

Check out a few good ones with good reviews but you need to see if the product satisfies the following 4 important criteria:-

1) The penis pills contain only top grade ingredients approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Look for the ingredient list on the website to get a good feel. Having said that, note that penis pills, by themselves, cannot make a penis larger. They can help increase blood flow and give you a bigger, harder erection but not permanent enlargement. You need something else, which brings us to the next point…

2) The pills must come with penis enlarging exercises if you want the benefits of a permanent enlargement. These enlarging or stretching exercises are proven to add permanent inches to a man’s penis if done regularly. The better ones comes with full videos and pictures explaining exactly how to do the exercises for optimal results. This is important because you need to know how to execute these exercises properly to prevent injuries and mishaps. In other words, look for a good penis pill system – good pills plus good enlargement exercises.

3) The vendor must be reputable (any physical address? is the web professional looking and not shoddy? etc). Also ensure that there is good customer service support because you never know when you need support and help. Look for a customer support contact form or a telephone number on the vendor site. And you may also want to look out for other third party endorsements too.

4) The product must come with a good money back guarantee. This is because you want to make sure your money is not wasted on a product the does not work for you. The guarantee must be of a reasonable time frame – at least 30 days so that you have time to try out the pills. The guarantee must also be for a 100% refund (less shipping cost is acceptable).

So there you have it, the 4 crucial criteria to help you choose a good penis enlargement pill system that truly work. Remember If you want to get a bigger penis, don’t waste your time and money for spams that flood your email inbox. Search for them instead and use the above 4 critera to filter out the bad ones.

Gary T is the owner of http://www.AdultPenisGuide.com, a website dedicated to helping men enlarge their penis. Get free adult ebooks, articles, reviews and resources plus read this special review of ProSolution Pills, a top grade penis enlargement pill plus exercise system that satisfies all the above criteria.

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