Personal Goal Setting to Achieve Success With Women

When it comes to success with women & dating, personal goal setting is a MUST if you want get FAST results.

Personal goal setting replaces the ‘vagueness’ of your goals with women & dating (e.g. “I want to date women”) and replaces it with a crystal clear plan for you to achieve total success, in the fastest amount of time possible.

“A goal properly set is halfway reached.”
Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States (1861-1865)

Do yourself a favor and listen to Abraham Lincoln’s wise words.

This exercise will only take you 5-10 minutes. Who doesn’t have that amount of time, if it means getting to where you want to be 50% faster?

Grab a pen and paper, or open a new file in your technology device to answer the following questions:

– What does success with women and dating mean to me?
– How will I feel when I get there?
– How will I feel if I don’t work out this area of my life and don’t get what I want?
– On a scale of 1-10, how committed am I to working on this?

Now that you’re in the right frame of mind, it’s time to get you started on the 6-Step Personal Goal Setting Formula:

STEP 1: Decide Exactly What You Want

If you have vague goals, then you will get vague results. The clearer you can get this in your mind, the better your results will be. Ask yourself, “What am I actually trying to achieve with all this?”

Picture it and describe it. Write down:

– How you would feel if you had this area of your life handled.
– What your life would be like.
– How you would be thinking about yourself.
– How you would behave around women and people.
– What your relationship status would be – would you rather be dating new women all the time, having short-term relationships, long-term relationships, or even married?

Is it starting to become clearer?

STEP 2: Set a Time Limit to Achieve Your Goals

Have you ever been given a deadline to complete something, say at school or work? Maybe at first you thought you’d never have it completed on time.

But you managed to achieve the goal within the specified time frame. Why?

Because you focused on the achievement of the goal. It had to be done, so you did it.

In STEP 4 you will be able to set time limits to your various mini-goals.

Some of your goals will be achieved quickly; others may take months or even years depending on how much effort you put in.

One of the rewarding parts of personal goal setting is seeing the goals turn into reality. Put ‘time pressure’ on things and you’ll be amazed what happens.

STEP 3: Determine What is Required to Achieve Your Goals

Create a list of all the things you will need to do and add to the list as you go. You should look at your list at least once a week and see how you are tracking.

Here are some examples that may apply to your list, if you’re looking to get better with women & dating:

– Buy new bed sheets.
– Practice vibing with people.
– Buy new shirt from ______ store.
– Buy new cologne from _________.
– Remember to use proper mindsets when at the supermarket.
– Start greeting people with a more confident hello.

STEP 4: Organize Your List into a Plan, With Priorities

If we were to use the six items above to make a plan with priorities, what would be their order?

I’d suggest something like this:

1. Remember to use proper mindsets when at the supermarket.
2. Start greeting people with a more confident hello.
3. Practice vibing with people.

The final three items can go in any order you deem necessary.

The most important point to remember when working on personal goal setting in this area, is: Work on YOU and your personality before you work on external or material things.

4. Buy new shirt from ______ store.
5. Buy new cologne from _________.
6. Buy new bed sheets.

STEP 5: Take Action on Your Plan

It’s all well and good to get enthusiastic about personal goal setting now that you have a plan, but you need to use it in order for it to have an effect.

Choose a convenient time to review your plan regularly. For example: After eating dinner or while brushing your teeth before bed. This is your chance to get focused and take action to accelerate your progress toward total success with women & dating.

Don’t waste ANY more time living a style of life that you’re unhappy with.

STEP 6: Move Closer to Success Each Day

What are some of your current habits?

Maybe you’re one of those people who like to read before going to bed. Maybe you like to exercise at least twice a week. Whatever your habits, we all have them and STEP 6 is designed to help you get into the habit of working on your goals.

Generally speaking, it will take 3-6 weeks for most people to form a habit. However, a person’s motivation and dedication to achieving their goals will have a major influence on the time it takes.

If ever you find yourself wondering what you need to be working on to get closer to achieving your goals, be sure to refer back to STEP 4.

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