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Personalized Fragrances Make an Exceptional Gift Idea

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Everyone struggles when it is time to pick out a unique gift for that special someone in their lives. When you are looking to show someone how much you care for them, it is important to select a gift which shows you put thought and consideration into it.

One of the most unique and intimate gifts you can give someone is the gift of a personalized fragrance. Personalized perfumes show the person you are buying for that you thought about them specifically and selected something unique just for them.

Creating your own fragrance is a relatively new thing to come onto the gift market. In years past, you simply went to the local mall to pick out a fragrance. You smelled the bottles, did some test sprays on your wrist, and chose the one which you liked the smell of best.

If you were a person of means, then you could have your own scent developed. The cost was relatively high, and it was generally not done for the average person. However, now you can easily, and relatively inexpensively, mix a custom made scent in many local shops and even online.

Everyone has their own unique style and way of being in this world. The perfume you wear is enjoyable to your own senses, and also shares a bit about you with those you come into contact with in your day to day life.

There are many different scents which you can choose from to create just that perfect personalized fragrance. Generally the specialists at a perfumery know exactly how to mix and match to create a custom perfume which smells divine. By combining their professional knowledge and your choices, you can create a personalized perfume which you will love.

When creating a personalized fragrance it is important to realize that perfume smells differently on each person who wears it. The scent is determined by both the perfume contents and the individual body chemistry of the person wearing it.

This is why a perfume which you love may not smell the same on one of your friends, and your friends perfume may not smell the same on you either. The scent of the perfume is all about your body chemistry, and no two people have the exact same body chemistry as each other.

If you are creating a personalized fragrance for someone as a gift, you might consider having a couple of variations of the same general fragrance made. This allows the wearer to have a selection of fragrances to wear depending on their mood and what they will be doing on that day.

Just as you do not wear the same clothing or jewelry each day, the same should be true for your fragrance; it is always fun to have a bit of variety.

Another bonus of being able to inexpensively create your own scent is where your favorite scent, or the one of someone you love, has been discontinued by its original maker. You can have a professionally mixed aroma made to mimic that discontinued fragrance! This makes a wonderful gift for someone and shows them that you have heard their complaints about their beloved perfume being discontinued.

The gift of a personalized perfume shows someone that you really put thought into their gift. It truly is a gift you cannot go wrong with.

Personalized fragrances are unique and say just who you are. Visit Vinci & Rakos Fragrances at http://www.whomakessense.com to choose the blend of scents to make a statement. We have always created our scents with natural botanical extracts for an unprocessed and pure perfume.

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