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Pets And Air Travel

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In the world today, pets have become a part of the modern family. People love their pets very much, and they may pay to take their loved pet on vacation with them.Many types of Pets are allowed on airplanes as long as the owner pays the fees and the requirements are met. Traveling on an airplane can be very stressful for an animal, no matter what breed or species, but it is especially rough on cats and dogs.

If you must take your pet on an airplane, there are some tips that are recommended by the ASPCA. First, make an appointment and take your pet to the vet within ten days of your departure date. Obtain a health certificate from the local vet showing that your pet is healthy. Next make sure that your pet has a collar and identification tag, along with information about your travel destination, just in case. Try to only take your pet on direct flights, as this minimizes any chance of mishandling by airport personnel, as well as guaranteeing that your pet is not left on the tarmac in between flights in severe weather conditions.

It is very important that if you do not have a shipping crate that is USDA approved and is large enough for your pet to turn around in, sit, and stand comfortably, that you purchase one. Many airlines and pet supply stores carry these shipping crates. Write “Live Animal” on the top and as many sides of the crate as you can in letters that are at least one inch tall. Also draw arrows pointing up towards the top of the crate beside the letters. It is also a good idea to write the name, address, and phone number of the destination on the top of the crate.

Make sure that you secure the door to the crate but do not lock it. This is important in case there is an emergency and airline personnel have to open the crate to evacuate your pet. Make sure there is bedding in the bottom of the crate for accidents. Put a photograph of your pet in your purse or wallet, and tape another photo of your loved pet on the top of the crate for the purpose of identification. This way if your pet is accidentally released or escapes, airline personnel will know what animal they are looking for and this could save your pet’s life.

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