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Photography Lends A Hand To History

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Many people realize that photography lends a hand to history making when they are able to view pictures that were taken by photographers on the battlefields during the Civil War. Some of the photographs were groups of men and the various weapons of choice that were used during the heat of battle. The photography taken on the battlefield also served as a visual record for historical purposes.

Some of those men fighting on the battlefield might have considered photography to be a hobby at one time or another. Photography lends a hand to history making events even if all of the photographic subjects wish they were somewhere else at the time that the photograph was taken. Photographs can be viewed to help historians determine where artillery was placed on the battlefield and from which positions the battles raged on.

From the photographic subject’s perspective, the perspective they take dims considerably on the fact that photography lends a hand to history making events that endanger their life. Now faced with overwhelming odds, the people at Gettysburg probably spent their nights thinking about all sorts of things. One of those thoughts might have been to wish their way back to their own hometowns so that they could experiment some more with the new fangled contraptions that people called cameras that are now positioned at the outer ridges of the battlefield.

Photography lends a hand to history when people constructed the first railroads. Perhaps this was a marketing ploy by the railroad system so long ago, but the smiling photographs of the workers that slaved and gave their lives served to entice families to move everything they owned to another side of the United States.

If those people had waited a few years, the photography would have presented a much different view of the world they wanted to move to. Photography lends a hand to history by documenting the large number of hangings that occurred in the center of towns that were due to the West being so uncivilized. The pretty photographs of large acres of land were poised just so that the image that was projected did not give the full story.

People may not have been really aware of the severity of the problems that early settlers experienced when they traveled across America with wagon trains, but the photography lends a hand to history when we can look back on the large number of settlers who were killed by bows and arrows and their bodies were strewn along the wagon trails that were used by so many settlers back then to reach the large open territories of the Wild West.

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