Pimp Your MySpace Profile

At present you can find millions of private MySpace profiles. Hence it is quite difficult to distinguish your profile from that of others. You should pimp your private MySpace profile for two main reasons and they are as follows:

For Differentiation

If you have a well pimped out profile then it helps in recognizing and differentiating your private MySpace profile from the others. You can modify your profile by using corporate colors and logos.

To Make It Look Great And Get More Comments

You can make your profile attractive and great in this way. More comments mean more popularity. So you need to be very creative when you pimp your private MySpace profile.

Steps To Pimp Your Private MySpace Profile

Decide the look you want

You need to consider the following questions like what will be there in your MySpace profile. Is it for your personal use or for any other purpose? You must have a clear-cut idea as to what you want to represent and design in your private MySpace profile.

Do You Want a Pre-Made Layout or Create Your Own

You will find thousands of pre-made layouts in the Internet. For this you just have to type private MySpace layouts in the search column and it will give you the list of various layouts available.

Creating and designing your own private MySpace profile is better and also very interesting. By modifying your private profiles look or appearance, you give something new to the visitors and avoid the risk of copyrighting someone elses layout.

You can pimp your profile yourself by using a tool called a profile editor. This will allow you to amend most areas of your profile that includes background images, colors, borders, fonts etc.

Put Your Contact Table in Proper Order

It is important to customize the contact table in your profile. This is a small table just below the default picture from where you send messages to your friends. Again you can take ideas from the pre-made contact tables.

A good looking contact table is very important. Thus, ensure that you customize it properly while pimping your private MySpace profile.

Add Hide Codes and Tweaks

You can also pimp your private MySpace page by adding hides and tweaks into it. This will change the look of your profile and other elements such as how to display the pictures or text. You can make it more stylish by applying blur effects, adding graphics or simply reverse the images.

Hence, pimping your private MySpace profile is a personal practice that makes your profile unique and different from all others. Make sure that you dont put any wrong information while customizing profile because it will be illegal or against rules.

MJ Batta writes on various aspects of Private MySpace Dangers and manages the website SpyOnYourKids.Net

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