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Porch Gliders and Chairs: To Glide or not to Glide, Perchance to Lounge

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Porch Gliders and Chairs: To Glide or not to Glide, Perchance to Lounge

How to choose right porch gliders?

It is hard, nearly impossible, not to lose all sensibility while floating through the air sprawled on the dreamiest of all pieces of outdoor furniture, the venerable porch glider.

While some prefer the cushy lounge chair, and others the lilting swing, most people seem to drop into a nostalgic coma when talking about a glider, recalling long-gone teenage romances and hot summer evenings trying to catch even the faintest of breezes.

In spite of the fact that the gliders most of us grew up with were typically squeaky and unstable contraptions, of unremarkable design and made of cheap materials.

Many lasted only a few summers before collapsing and disappeared from most patios even as those even cheaper stackable plastic chairs multiplied like rabbits.

But gliders are now trying to take off again — quietly, this time around.

The traditional glider that became popular during the 1920s has been redesigned, with operational improvements that have mostly eliminated those annoying screeches and wobbles.

 Most are more comfortable than the old clunkers, using better materials such as teak, cedar, mahogany and brass.

These heartier gliders are part of a bigger trend in the outdoor furniture industry. Instead, an elaborately designed outdoor room is now not only to add more living space but it also will improve the value of the house.

I do agree with the concept of utilizing all available space. The outdoor room, porch or patio seems aimed at recreating the balance and harmony, that seems to have mostly vanished.

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By directly furnishing your backyard with outdoor patio furniture, you can save precious money in your pocket. You don’t have to go to great lengths to put up walls and roofs in order to create an outdoor room in your home. Doing so will only cost you thousands of dollars.

The simple square design may seem sparse to some, and looks a bit Puritan, but the glider is surprisingly comfortable, and cushions can also be added.

The gliders can be made of cypress, which is a little pricey while teak weathers better naturally, you can paint the cypress if you want and it doesn’t require oiling the way teak often does.

Those colorful metal lawn chairs were the ones that my Grandma and I would sit and glide while we would drink our cold beverages on her front porch.

 These later were referred to as “motel” chairs for their tendency to show up outside the front offices of Route 66 motels. Most of the originals were allowed to rust and corrode until it was time for them to be sent to lawn chair heaven.

My favorite glider wasn’t a wood one, but one made of lightweight steel and painted in two-tone enamel with tubular sides: It is called the Walton Lane glider! This glider’s homey look and retro stamped design bring an immediate reconnection with the past.

Although August is not too far away, the supply may be low, but the good news is that the prices may be reduced but you can usually find one that keeps calling to you, “Buy me, Buy me”.

Growing up in New England everyone seemed to have at least one glider on their porch. Not unusual to see neighbors enjoying conversations and beverage while still able to keep one eye on the kids!

So back to the beginning – To Glide or not to Glide, Perchance to Lounge? What is your choice?

It has become a very bumpy world since the glider’s heyday, so taking any opportunity to float along seems like an awfully good idea! If you really want to have the best experience returning to that nostalgic era come visit us at http://www.buyporchgliders.com, you won’t be disappointed.

Cape Cod was my favorite place to live as a child. We didn’t mind the weather as every season let us play different games. As age creeps up, I now prefer the Wild West, New Mexico to be exact. And yes, I still have a glider on my porch!


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