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Privatize Your MySpace Private Profile Account

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For various reasons you have to privatize your MySpace page account. This is essential as you are concerned about security and privacy of your MySpace private page. To avoid leaking of your personal or confidential information from your MySpace private page you must follow certain steps.

To turn your profile or page into a private profile, do not give wrong information like age on MySpace. In case you do so your MySpace page can be deleted if revealed.

Whatever your page may be, MySpace private page or general one; just understand that your page will not hide from the screen. It means your information can be accessible even though your page is MySpace private page. Your personal information that is easily accesible is your age, gender and location. However, the difference is that the full information of your MySpace private page is available only to selected candidates. This selected section of public is none other than MySpace members.

To make the MySpace page account private and accessible to selected people you must login to your MySpace and then make a click on account settings. After that click on privacy settings. This displays the number of options. These options enable you to choose the people whom you want to show your MySpace private page details like My Friends Only, public or only user over 18 yrs of age.

This page also enables you to decide other types of privacy settings such as friends requests that need name or his/her email Id. This will also hide you online and will inform your friends about your birthday. In spite of privatizing your MySpace page your information like age, date of birth, can put you in mess as this is all required for stealing your identity.

Other selection that you can make with MySpace private page account permits your friends to go through your blog comments. It also enables you to make choice for no bands for requests of your friends. MySpace private page for privacy setting also forbids others from contacting you if you are asked to do so. This way you can avoid unwilling interaction.

If you keep your MySpace page private; you must keep certain points in mind like write cautiously what you write on your profile. Do not mention any thing that helps people other than your friends to trace you. To avoid receiving haunt/bawdy replies or feel embarrassments, do not post any controversial comment.

You cannot avail anything without your intelligence. However, MySpace offers numerous options for security and privacy of your information. But, unless you do not take right steps nothing can stop stealing of your identity.

MJ Batta writes on various aspects of Private MySpace Dangers and manages the website SpyOnYourKids.Net

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