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Quick Facts On Socializing Your Golden Retriever

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One of the more important aspects of raising a dog is to socialise it. Socialising your golden retriever is a must, as it will teach golden retrievers how to behave in front of strangers, and how not to.

Of course, one can never predict the temperament of a dog when you bring them home. All dogs are different. Some dogs love everyone, while others don’t like strangers at all.

The first thing you need to do to see how your dog reacts when they meet new people that they don’t know. You need to look for things like whether they are fine with your family, or if they like only people of one sex, or if they are only fine with adults, and not with children. Some dogs don’t like certain items like people wearing sunglasses or hats. If you’re lucky, your dog will like all strangers.

What you need to look for next to see how your dog reacts to other dogs. Some dogs get along really well with others, while some get along only with those of the opposite sex. Some dogs love puppies, but don’t like adult dogs. Some don’t like large dogs, while some don’t like small ones. These are important questions you need to address in order to begin socializing your golden retriever.

Your dogs behaviour towards other dogs, and people is largely determined by its breeding. It will come from its immediate parents, and there is little you can do about it.

As far as the breed goes on a general basis, golden retrievers are quite friendly and loving. While socialising your golden retriever, it is important to note how long it was left with its mother, and other siblings. The reason for this is that if it has been removed before it was seven weeks old it may not have learnt essential social signals like bite inhibition from them.

On the other side, they shouldn’t be left too long with their parent, as this will make them more dominant or submissive, depending on its order among the siblings.

Socialising your golden retriever when it’s a puppy is the most effective and will shape the personality of your dog in the years to come. It is for this reason that you must begin taking your pup out once they are seven weeks old. Of course, teaching them socialisation when they are older is also important.

Adolescence begins between six and nine months age and ends around the age of three. This may be an awkward time for them, and their behaviour may change from week to week during this time. This is the time, and you must instil confidence in your dog that you are there for him. You need to reassure them and give them all the love they want. When they are young, it is easier to explain that they should not bark at strangers.

Though it may sound odd, pups can also suffer trauma from a previous experience, which can affect their temperament later. Make sure your golden retriever gets plenty of interaction with other people as well as dogs, and learns the right way it should behave with them. Have fun socializing your golden retriever. Its a pleasurable experience!

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