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Radiology Technician: The Opportunities That Await You

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If you are one of the many individuals who are very interested in a career in the medical profession, especially in the field of radiology technician and related imaging jobs, you will be glad to know that you have discovered a career that is both exciting and fulfilling.

If you are seriously considering a career as a radiology technician, it is vital that you do as much research as you can on the medical industry, before determining if you will indeed be interested in becoming a radiology technician. There are a wide variety of roles that a radiology technician can play, and each of these roles has its own requirements that you need to meet. Another important thing to consider is the amount you will get paid, as a radiology technician.

For a start in the radiology field, most individuals will need to have a certain level of education or certification. But once you begin to take a look at the different courses of study that are commonly found today, you will realise that you need to decide upon the type of radiology which you might be considering. This will affect your career, as there are different qualifications needed for specific roles such as being a radiology technologist or even a radiology technician.

In order to become a radiologist, it will be necessary for you to spend a significant number of years as a radiology technician. The only other alternative you have, is to spend a large number of years studying, in order to immediately become a radiologist. This seldom proves to be the option of choice, as most people prefer to opt for a one-year certification program, which immediately gives you the avenue to become a radiology technician. If you want to spend more time preparing for your career in radiology, you can also choose to complete a bachelor’s degree in radiology, which is a common choice as well.

Once you have some form of qualification or certification, it should be no problem for you to find a job in a hospital or a medical clinic. At times, you might even be offered a job in specialized radiology laboratories, where most research is mainly conducted.

Once you have gained some experience as a radiology tech, and move on to become a radiologist, you will not only be expected to operate the equipment, but also participate in the final diagnosis and reading of the radiology scans.

For the expected salaries of radiology technicians and radiologists, there are some ballpark figures for you to get a rough idea on what to expect. Starting pay scales for radiology technicians should begin at $30,000 a year, and as you gain more experience, you should be paid about $100,000 a year.

Just like any other job, it will take determination and hard work to do well in the radiology industry. But, before you decide to get into this field of work, you should remember to speak with experience individuals who will be able to give you advise on your career of choice.

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