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How You Know You’re Doing Real Estate Virtual Assistant The Right Way !

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Are you on right track?

More & more people are trying their luck to become Real Estate Virtual Assistant. They are starting their own business after taking the risk of quitting there daily secured a salaried job. Some are successful and making more than the salary they were getting but not all! Hence How You Know You’re Doing Real Estate Virtual Assistant The Right Way! So let’s start from the start…

What is the job of a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

A simple understandable definition is -Virtual assistant also referred as VA, are freelancers or self-employed who work for different clients and perform the task on behalf them or for them. For E.g. Email box management –filtering out the exact important email for the client which result in saving their precious time.

What is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant and what do they do?

So virtual assistant literally means someone who works for you or help you to accomplish a given task from the somewhere remote place from his home, or his own small office set up.

That task could be anything like from simple internet research or data gathering, proofreading to something like data entry, internet marketing or pre-sales activities.

How to get started as Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

To start with you can register the different job outsourcing website, or freelancer site like Upwork, freelancer, oDesk, etc. and create your strong profile on it. (Note that these mediator platforms will charge some fees.) It may take a long time to get your first customer, but once you get one, then you will start getting another easily. You have to establish yourself as trusted Real Estate Virtual Assistant.

You will also need some basic infrastructure to start.

So now you have your home office all set up & ready for your Real Estate Virtual Assistant business. Now what you only need all the clients you so that you can afford to work from home and quit boring day to day job isn’t it? There are plenty of clients out there for you to find and make a handsome income working for, but its surely not that easy or cakewalk, unless you promote your business in the first place. Then next question is

What skills do you need to become efficient Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

  • Knowledge & Learning attitude

Good knowledge of real estate is a must for Real Estate Virtual Assistant and it’s not a one-time activity but contentious & ongoing.

  • Strong Communication skill

Strong verbal & written communication skill is must attribute to Real Estate Virtual Assistant. It very important to be fluent in the language for the Geolocation you are targeting. Having multi-lingual skill will be a huge advantage as it will broaden your client portfolio.

  • Timely deliverable and client satisfaction

The most important aspect is to meet your deliverable dates and meet the client deliverable dates with quality. This is so much important that you will win 50% of the battle for business. There is nothing better than meeting client deliverable deadline with proper documentation or reports. You will have high chances to lose the job if the customer needs to perform any additional task on top of you delivered to him.

So if the customer is getting benefited either in terms of time or cost through your work then its assurance that your business will grow.

  • Going Extra mile than the expected from you!

What does this mean? It doesn’t mean you do extra work for free or do some gold plating, but give value addition in your task deliverable, and that could be very small thing for E.g. Customer has asked to provide research report for real estate particular area and you provide an additional information of potential growth of real estate in that particular area. This attitude will help you tremendously to keep customer engagement and get more work for them.

  • Presentation Skill

Ability to research and collate the information will very advantageous for Real Estate Virtual Assistant, presenting beautifully and precisely.

  • Technical Knowledge of Tools & Internet platform

This skill will give an added advantage to choose right tool and effective use of service delivery platform.

If you have all the skill sharpened and ready with all ammunition you’re set to go for Real Estate Virtual Assistant!

However if not there are profession institutions who give professional training to sharpen your skill, below are some of the good ones

How much money can you make from Real Estate Virtual Assistant job?

Its ocean and it up to you how much you want to earn! The more effort and time you put in the more revenue will be. The outsourcing is so much there out than you can handle them. But if we consider 8 hrs. / Day from 5 day week, you can earn good amount at optimum rate 20 to 30$ per hr.

The only limits on the success and how much you can make money as a Real Estate Virtual Assistant are the ones you place on yourself. If you limit yourself by not dreaming big enough and by not doing right everything you are supposed to will fetch limited results.

It can be tough nail-biting time for you if you are just beginning your business. With an added pressure of trying to promote your business while and completing the assignment, you get for which you are going to get paid, could be too much to handle & asking a lot of yourself. In truth.

So what is the solution for this issue?

There is better mid-way to handle this issue and get started in a proper manner is to let it handle by an expert and let them deal with the intricacies involved in marketing to promote your business. An experienced real estate assistant who has already paved the road through trial and error and proved himself as a VA’s.

An experienced Virtual Assistant can get the promoting of your business started on the right foot step and will take less amount of time to establish your business. Doing it right and the right time is the crux of what your business needs. Delay or wrong decisions can cost you thousands of dollars and even your ability to continue successfully in business due to savior loss.

The gains your business stirs up because of the expert promoting by a Real Estate Virtual Assistant will continue long after the initial investment you laid out for such services will be repaid back to you.

Certified Real Estate Virtual Assistants support real estate professionals nationwide with all of their
marketing, technical, and, administrative needs.

Know More About 24x7virtualassistants

It is not merely financial gains that your business will experience either. The right promoting can cast you as a leading Real Estate Virtual Assistant. It is those who are looked on as leaders in the industry that get the most work, profits, and accolades.

If you drive yourself with a positive attitude and don’t get demoralized by listening to those failures and fearful few who insist that making money working through the internet as a Real Estate Virtual Assistant is nothing more than a pipe-dream. You only need put forward the first step and keep get going in the right direction.

Secondly, you can Join VA’s community International Virtual Assistant Association

Know More About IVAA

Another good source to get ample of assignments is Fiverr

Know more about Fiverr

Know the legal aspects

It’s important to know the legal aspect of the country-specific licenses and documentation if any required. This information probably your customer will let you know and help you to complete the legal formalities.

 So what is an extract of this article being a successful virtual assistant is if you adopt certain qualities and maintain those consistently will guarantee the continuous flow or work and more business? Let us know what you think below in comments section and if any specific inputs you are looking for.

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