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Requirements For Obtaining A High School Diploma

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In New York: New York houses the oldest educational organizations in the country, and develops greater than the national standard per student turn out every year, with a better student- teacher relation. Being home to the oldest educational organizations in the country, New York every year registers more students than any other state with the exception of the state of California. As said by Encarta, MSN, Encarta Resources Library, New York flaunted a $12,000 per student in 2001, greater than the national standard of below $8,000. What is amazing is the fact that students in New York have a chance for very personalized student teacher concentration experience.

The New York State Education Department specifies that a student has got to finish specific coursework prior to obtaining a high school diploma. A student has to fulfill the following requirements:

. Two years of Physical Education
. Four years of English
. Six months of Health Education
. Four years of Social Studies
. Three years of Math
. Three years of Science, together with one life science, one physical science, as well as one elective
. One year of Music and/or Visual Arts

The various school districts can create requirements further than what is listed above.

Students have the chance to earn a diploma known as a Regents Diploma. Students doing this course are supposed to complete the regular curriculum attempt foreign language lessons and language arts electives too. In addition, the students have to pass the Regent examination in subjects like Math, English, Social Studies and Science. The students who score an average of 90 percent as a minimum in each of these examinations earn a New York Regents Diploma with Honors.

In California: California houses one of the biggest, most versatile educational organizations in the nation. The schools in California have developed considerably from the humble attempts made by the Franciscan missionaries, in the 18th century. More than 80 percent of students over the age of 25 have earned high school diplomas in California; this happens to be a large number taking into account the enormous populace of the state.

The California Department of Education (CDE) also specifies that to earn a high school diploma in California, you have got to effectively finish some prior coursework. A student has to fulfill the following requirements:

. Two courses in physical education
. Three courses in English
. One course in foreign language or the performing / visual arts
. Two courses in math
. Three courses in social studies, together with American government and economics
. Two courses in science

The California Department of Education (CDE) in addition states that all community school students must pass the California High School Exit Exam (CHSEE).

If a student decides to go to college, he or she has to take up some courses outside the fundamental state requirements for admission. These requirements in general consist of:

. One year of performing or visual arts (UC and CSU)
. Four years of English (UC and CSU)
. Two years of foreign language, both must be in the same language
. Three years of math (UC and CSU)
. Two years of Science chosen from Physics, Biology, and Chemistry
. Two years of Social Studies (UC and CSU)

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