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Risks Of Homemade Penis Enlarger Devices

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Many people like to take on a Do-It-Yourself project and finish with a success. Some want to prove to themselves that they can do things without buying a product at the store.

Tinkering and tooling with all the various devices is a hobby for them and this is what led to the growth of DIY stores across the USA and Europe. Many people simply can not see spending money on devices they can build themselves, for the sake of saving and the pleasure of figuring things out.

So just as in other areas of improvement, this idea has also shifted to the penis enlargement world. Men who want to get a bigger penis but save money at the same time either do not trust the companies selling penis enlarger devices or they want to prove they can build their own.

Quite a few men choose this option because first, they believe the penis can be stretched and second they do not want to spend the three hundred or so dollars on an official penis enlarger device.

As a result, these men are using their own form of homemade penis enlarger, which with diligent tuning and tweaking, they expect will work to the level of the ones out for sale on the open market. They think their homemade penis stretcher will work with no difference in effectiveness or speed of results.

Safety First: Beware of Homemade Penis Enlargers

Since I have never seen or tried my own or another persons homemade penis enlarger design or homemade penis pump, I can not say whether they actually work. However having studied and tested most of the more official penis enlarger devices being sold, I can tell you that anyone thinking about trying any penis enlargemer device should know about the risks of using a homemade penis enlargement device.

The reasons behind manufactured traction devices are quite obvious when you take a look at the differences between them and homemade ones. Tha major advantage of going with a device developed and produced in a manufacturing plant as opposed to someones basement is known as quality and safety standards.

The penis enlarger devices available today are typically certified as Type 1 medical devices. Carrying this certification means that such a manufactured device has gone through a full inspection and was compliant with several quality and safety standards. Some manufactured traction devices also carry the CE symbol, a universal mark of the highest safety and quality standards set by the European Authorities.

These quality certificates show to customers that the select traction device is a totally safe and secure penis enlarger device that should work as expected when used correctly by reading the user manual.

The main problem with a homemade penis enlarger is the danger it may cause even when it works properly. An officially manufactured penis enlarger keeps the penis stretched forward no matter the amount of traction force or length it is used at. You can be sure it wont just snap apart into a pile of random pieces as it is carefully designed not to bend or break, ever.

The statements of quality made by independent certification says that the design of the enlarger was carefully tested and the manufacturer carefully made sure that no part would cut or irritate the skin or bend the penis in any way. In essence, you are assured a top quality device that has been inspected by several parties that will cause no harm, as long as the manual is followed properly.

A homemade penis stretcher, on the other hand, was made especially for its owner, was put together from whatever pieces were available at the time, has no backup safety measures in place and is mostly full of heavy risk and no guarantees it will even work. It will be too bad for the owner when a screw pops out at the wrong moment and deprives him of sex for a couple months or more due to injury.

And we havent even begun talking about the scars, broken tissue, internal bleeding and rashes that are bound to show up from combining the wrong types of materials with the skin. Especially skin around such an important area of your body. Do you really want to take that risk?

Or what about the embarrassment of having to explain to a doctor how THAT part of your body was damaged. We respect a sense of independent creativity and inventive spirit that never gives in, its what drives growth in our country. But risking the health of this important part of your body is something we simple can not approve of.

The point we are trying to make here is that the risks of using your own home made penis enlarger vastly outweigh any potential benefits. Whatever money you save by developing your own homemade penis enlarger are likely to be well lost on medical treatment and recovery time.

By taking the safe route to the permanent, once in a lifetime enlargement process, you can have the highest chances of gaining size safely and reaping the sexual benefits sooner with a quality manufactured device. A device that will start working from day one, and also most likely has a good guarantee behind it. Now that is a good idea.

George Watson is a popular Mens Health researcher. Read more about the risks of homemade penis enlarger devices at his website, http://www.PenisDeviceReview.com

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