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Security Check Points For Passengers

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No matter which airport you are departing from for your air travel, you will have to go through several security check points before you are allowed to board your flight. These are set up to ensure the safety of every passenger who boards a commercial airplane. These points are usually set up in a three step process that follows certain procedures.

These check points are located before you can get to the departure gate for your flight. Rules concerning liquid or gels in carry on luggage limit these items to travel size products that are three ounces or less. All of these bottles must be put into one quart size zip top bag that is clear, and sent through the machine at the check point. There are certain exemptions for prescription medication, formula, and breast milk that has been expressed if there is a need, such as traveling with small children. Anyone who refuses to participate in any step of the security screening process will not be allowed beyond the check point to the departure gate, and they will not be allowed to board their plane.

The first step in the airport screening process is the X-ray machine. All carry on baggage as well as all personal items in your pockets or being carried by you must go through this machine, with certain exceptions. Place your items flat on the conveyor belt of the machine. All coats, jackets, blazers, and shoes must also be removed and placed in a bin to go through the machine. Any laptop computers and video cameras must be removed from the case before being placed in the bin on the conveyor. By wearing outer clothing and shoes that are easily removable, you can speed up the security screening process.

The second step of the security process is when you walk through the metal detectors. If you have an objection to walking through the metal detector, or if you can not because of a reason like a pace maker or other medical device, inform the security personnel and a pat down inspection will be done instead.

The third step is additional screening, and this occurs if you set of the metal detector in step 2 or if you are randomly selected for additional screening. This screening involves a hand wand inspection and a pat down, including the torso area. You may be asked to remove any metal body piercing jewelry to help in the screening process.

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