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Security While Traveling By Car

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Some people have a clouded view on how safe they are when they are traveling in their own vehicles. They do not take into account the things that might affect their safety and security during their trip by car. Some travelers feel very secure in their sturdy automobiles, especially when they are traveling at 70-miles-per hour.

Some travelers take few safety precautions when they travel. They feel that they need no further security than they have by locking their doors in the car while traveling. They might not think about how people lurk in the shadows at rest stops and who might be in the back seat when they return after being gone for a few minutes time.

Some car manufacturers have taken this security risk to heart and equipped key remotes with a signal that will alert drivers to an intruder’s heartbeat long before they reach their car which gives them plenty of time to avoid a disaster in the making. Other people install additional car alarms to keep intruder’s out of their vehicle, even when it is parked safely in the driveway at home.

Most travelers rely on the hotel security system to keep them safe when they sleep overnight at their hotels while traveling by car. They might think for a brief moment that they are safe while parking their car too in the large parking lots with security cameras in full operational mode, until someone jumps them a few feet from the entrance to the building. Most people make it a point to unload at the front of the building and to take the time to review their surroundings before they leave their vehicle.

Some people trust the hotel staff to clean their rooms and to bring them extra towels when needed throughout the night. Some travelers might not choose to use the safety features inside their rooms before opening the door to someone in a maid uniform. Many people have lost their lives over trusting those on the other side of their door who they expected to be there. Using the steel door jam to view the person who knocks would save quite a few lives.

Some people might not think twice about leaving their hotel check-in receipts in their luggage while they go sight-seeing. There should be no problems with the integrity of the hotel staff but since the turnover of personnel is high in the hotel industry, some people might not be trustworthy. There have been several occasions of identity theft where travelers were robbed of their credit card numbers from the information that they provided to the clerk at the counter when they checked into a hotel.

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