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Selecting A Sacramento Limousine

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If you are planning to tour Sacramento by limo or hire one for a wedding, you have numerous options. The common favorite is the typical limousine as it is open and big enough to have room for bride and gown as well as the extra people who accompany the couple. You can select a car that represents your personality.

Limousine providers in Sacramento have a wide range of limos to choose from and you can either select a luxurious car like Mercedes Benz, vintage vehicles like 1950 Thunderbirds or sports cars like Ferraris. If your reception and ceremony sites are considerably close, and the weather conditions are suitable, you can also consider a more lovey-dovey form of transportation, like a vintage horse-drawn carriage.

Many limousine companies reserve their limousines on a minimum 3-hour basis. Whenever you employ the services of a Sacramento Limousine Company, make sure it has liability insurance and license. Avoid paying the full amount for the Sacramento Limousine before the event.

Given below are some common questions you should ask before choosing a Sacramento Limousine

. For how many years has the Sacramento limousine company been in business?
. Does the company have a back-up vehicle just in case your limo breaks down?
. How many vehicles does the Company have?
. How old are the vehicles?
. Which vehicles does the Company have?
. Does the company have liability insurance?
. How many drivers does the Company have?
. What is the cancellation/payment policy of the company?

Before you select the limousine, make sure you visit the garage and check for yourself if the claimed ‘new’ limos are brand new or just old and dented ones with a make-over. Limo services that claim to have dozens of vehicles at their disposal, might be “subbing-out” their job to smaller limousine companies. That means when you are waiting for the limo to take you out for a ride or take you to the church on your wedding day, you might actually be relying on more than one company for the service.

Check for references with family or friends before you hire a limo service in Sacramento. You can also easily find references in the local restaurants and wedding facilities. Numerous “fly-by-night” services might cheat you by taking the deposit today and going out of business tomorrow. Before you start the tour, make sure you get the vehicle checked. If the limo does not have license plates, your tour or wedding ceremony might be short-lived if the police tow the vehicle for violation of codes. Limo car services in California ought to be sanctioned by the Public Utilities Commission to function.

When you visit the limo company, mark down the license plate numbers of the cars you choose so that you can be sure you get the vehicle you selected. Check the professionalism of the driver. The drivers should be appropriately dressed. If you have a special occasion or even a tour on hand for that matter, you wouldn’t want the chauffeur to stink in a shabby looking coat. Lastly, in Sacramento you wouldn’t want to lose the opportunity of traveling across the city with a rejuvenating glass of wine. Enquire with the limo company if they can provide you with clean glasses.

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