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Seven Tips to Not Give Up on Doing Anything

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One of the most tragic events in life is that a lot of people give up just only an inch before they achieve their winning line. When we start doing something we start with hope. We start with wish that we will finish what we mean to do and will enjoy the results we want. However, we get discouraged when we see no result after we have been doing that for a few times. This depends on people. Some give up when they almost achieve it. Some give up when they have done that for a couple of times. Surprisingly, a lot of people give up when they haven’t even start. Here are some tips that may be useful for the ones who don’t want to quit.

1. Set up your goal and know why you want it. This is very fundamental and essential to the process of success. You need to know where you are going and why you go there. No meaning or motivation will be in your mind if you don’t. Also, we need the time frame for your goal so that we do not wander aimlessly.

2. Know what we have to do in order to achieve it. We need some action plans in order to bear the result. Set up your yearly, monthly and daily plan for your implementation. We will not achieve anything if our plan is in the air. Write it down and pursue what we need to do.

3. Mingle with the achievers. Surround yourselves with the person who has his own goal. If you can not immediately find real people, you may use books, tapes, CD or movie as your reference for success. Find anything that can inspire you to keep going. Later on, you will attract achievers into your life if you focus on what we want long enough.

4. Avoid talking to negative sources of comments. Refuse to accept the opinions that you can not do it. You will definitely hear skeptical remarks form many people especially the ones that are closed to you. In order to do not have those opinions affect our actions, avoid them. People tend to give up easy and they want you to be one of them. Although they are your love ones, you still need to be firm on your stand. The same as in our third tips, the negative sources do not have to be from real people. They can come from all type of media. We need to avoid them all if we want success.

5. Put all your heart when you take actions. Constant actions will form up your destiny. To master your destiny is to be good at what you are doing. And it will not happen if you do not do it with your whole heart. Do the best you can. When you are at your best, the power within you will flow over to your task and you will start to enjoy it when it is in place. Review your performance periodically so that you know if you are on the right track. The biggest waste of time is when you are good at what you are not supposed to do. Beware of that.

6. Schedule your rest time. Life can be frustrated if you do not have your own time to refresh your mind. This is the time when you are clear from everything including the work you have done. Be there when you are at your play time. May be with your family or kids. Do not worry on your progress or results. They will be improved if you have more focus along the way. Focus will not come that strong if you do not let yourself to not focus in your leisure time.

7. Remind yourself on the sweet fruits of your success. You can have your reminders posted on the wall that you can see often. Some even carry around the check at the amount of money they want in their wallets. There are many ways to do it and visualization is one of the best. Visualize you success daily will enhance you possibilities. It is proven that what you focus on will attract what you want according to the law of attraction. When you visualize, you see yourself as you have achieve what you want in front of your eyes. It will send strong signal to your subconscious mind and it will work on your focus and attraction. You may want to use some background music to boost up your attraction while you visualize. Attraction Accelerator can be one of your choices.

Most of the people give up too easily. Some give up even before they start doing something. The seven tips here is to help you on the process and not give up until you succeed.

Jim Somchai
Read more of his articles from his site. http://www.visualizationmeditation.com/go/site
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