Subliminal Seduction – Turning Her On Without Her Even Realising It

It’s laughable to consider that the release of “Subliminal Seduction” by Wilson Bryan Key almost 3 decades ago should’ve caused such a stir. Wilson highlighted how advertisers would insert subliminal sexual imagery into their print advertising in an endeavour to boost sales.

Why the stir? Because people were being manipulated without their knowing about it. Shock! Horror!

And why is that laughable? Because that is what has been happening for eons anyway, on any occasion that a man and woman have first felt sexual attraction for each other.

A point that often gets missed when people sit down to try and categorise attraction is that: “attraction always happens first; the reasons for the attraction get attached later.” Attraction is ultimately about vibrational harmony. We literally feel attracted to those whom we are “in synch” with. We initially experience this being “in synch” as a feeling, not as a thought. We can certainly come up with reasons as to why we may be attracted to someone once we do start thinking about it but that doesn’t detract from the fact that we “felt” the attraction first.

“What does this all have to do with me and her and birds and bees?” I hear you ask? Quite simply, if you realise that all initial attraction happens below the threshold of consciousness (i.e. it is subliminal) then you are forearmed with knowledge that will allow you to see if a woman is sexually attracted to you before she’s even consciously realised it. She will initially communicate her attraction via non-verbal channels. The master seducer is always tuned into these channels and uses the signals he receives here as his cues to action.

In fact, when it comes to gauging how any particular seduction is going the master seducer will place much more stock in how a woman moves when she is near him and the way in which she speaks to him, than he will in the actual content of her conversation. This is not to say that he is not interested in what she is saying but it that he knows where he should concentrate his attention in terms of ascertaining her current level of interest.

So that’s one side of the equation: pay attention to the non-verbal signals that a female gives in order to work out her current level of sexual interest. The other side of the equation is to give off your own non-verbal signals to indicate your sexual intent to her.

There are 3 methods that will allow you to achieve this aim – each of which will do the trick without her being conscious of it. Let’s discuss each in turn.

1. Body Language
I could spend pages writing about all the subtle variations that are available to the seducer here but if I had to break it down into some simple starting components it would be these:

a) Move into her personal space – You don’t want to be doing this until she’s given you some initial sign of interest but once she’s done so you be sure to start subliminally warming her up by getting inside her personal space. The safest way to start is by touching one of her personal extensions such as her cell phone or handbag and seeing how she reacts. If there is no adverse reaction on her part then the coast is clear to move physically closer.
b) Create a dissonant dynamic – Fancy term but all it means is to physically move in close and then pull away. It’s the not being constantly one thing or the other (i.e near or far) that creates the dissonance and makes you as the seducer harder to categorise and therefore more intriguing .

2. Tone of Voice
Regardless of the content of your conversation it is your tone of voice that will convey what you are really thinking. Use your tone of voice as a tool to indicate sexual intent. Keep it warm and at times cheeky but above all make sure that it is playful. This all goes to creating a vibe that is conducive to sexual congress.

3. Make Her Feel Good About Herself
This is the number one rule of seduction and the ultimate subliminal tool: Help people feel good about themselves and it automatically follows that they will feel good about you. You could be discussing anything but if at the same time you’re allowing her to feel more at ease with herself then it follows she will be more favourably disposed towards you.

So there you have it. When you know that attraction is a thing that first happens below the threshold of consciousness, you have within your grasp a very powerful tool because you can consciously apply methods that will affect her in a positive way without her being consciously aware of it. This really puts you in the driver’s seat in any seduction scenario.

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