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Survival Run Tips: How To Run To Survive?

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Have you ever seen the show Man vs Wild? I think you guys must shocked by a man’s surviving will, when he wants to alive he has to do what the others dare not to: such as eating maggot! Here, I’m Bear Grylls, and i’m back, In mobile strategy games, this time i will show you how i run for my life from the world’s most relentless grizzly bear! There are some Tips i must show you before you get into the wild!

1. Gain coins when you Traverse various environments!In Survival Run, there is a hazard lurking around every corner! Try to use your coin wisely and update your survival equipments!

2. You will have this game on iphone and you will love it. I like how you can get back into the game by watching a video and I also advice on how you can play with other players around the world and win prizes.

3. But the problem with the game is that after you watch the video to get back into the game, you can lose the sound like me. Another down side to the game is that you have to pay cash in order to play the Rib Ride Coin Grab instead of coins and grubs.

A problem with online tournament is that you can earn bragging right, and to me, that is cyberbullying and it can really hurt someone’s feelings. How would you feel if someone was doing that to you?

4. Hacking is another part of the online tournament. I know that kids and even adults have been told at some point of there lives that never talk to strangers any where including on any electronic device, but how many people actually use that in everyday lives? Probably 25% of us.
5. You may not know it but a someone could stealing $1,000 and you won’t even know it. My point is that F48 Games should put something to stop the hacking or do something. I speak from experience.

Overall I think it is great game to play. It is fun and exiting to play for all ages.

Not only is this game immense fun, with lots of different obstacles and locations, but you can purchase different boosters for not than many coins.

6. Also, “grubs” are not rare occurrences, like some other games where it takes you a year to save up 10, or purchase a small amount for $1.99-$4.99.

7. I would recommend this game to any endless runner fan. I’m a huge Temple Run addict, and not many games have lived up to it fun wise, or how easy it is to upgrade/earn things, but this game comes in very high on my list. Out of 10, I’d say entertainment is 10, and the ease of upgrading or purchasing is an 7.5-8. This game by far beat my expectations, and will be played often.

8. Many people say a bear would run faster than him who cares on temple run that monkey would rip him to pieces and would get him who cares and in sub surfers the do g would bite him and get him not the fat guy but the dog would its a great game better than al the other running games.

It’s a pleasure to run with you guys, thank you for watching my show, and you can find free mobile game download on our website, enjoy playing as well!

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