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California Criminal Records are maintained by the California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General. All criminal records that are filed at each county in the state are forwarded to the said office. All members of the general public are given the right to request the records provided the right procedures are observed. The records usually contained the name of the criminal, the crimes they committed, and the time and place where they committed them.


The residents in Alaska can anytime make a formal request on the Alaska criminal records as per the State’s statute which legitimately allows anybody living there. Apart from that, the Alaska Administrative Code was established to present to people the specific steps on how to obtain the reports on criminal documents. More so, the Department of Public Safety has also been created to make sure that certain rules are being implemented. Therefore, individuals in Alaska must be confident enough in getting these records because of the support that the state gives.

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The Constitution in California which deals on records has mandated the Amador County Sheriff’s office to manage all the Amador County arrest records. As a public domain, the local residents have the right to place a request of such documents provided that certain guidelines are followed accordingly. So, this time, the said records are not only documented and distributed at the state level but are retrievable at the county level as well to be more accessible for those who are too far from the state’s main records repository.