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Taking the Stigma Out of Indebtedness

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It is no longer possible to escape from the tight grip that the loan providers of the market have placed over us. Everybody you know is either in the process of repaying loans or currently looking around for both secured loans and unsecured loans to find the cheapest on offer. If you have to make a big investment, and you try consulting a trusted friend and advisor, the advice that you will invariably get is that of getting a loan to finance your needs.

Gone are the days when people were afraid of landing up in the clutches of the moneylender. Characters like Shylock the Jew in Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”, exist only in the realm of fiction. Sure, in the past the money lending classes may have been only interested in getting back their money and immense returns on it (which was in effect a pound of flesh off the body of the borrower).

However, in today’s world, attitudes have changed. In the world of loan providers, the debtor is the king. And he is treated like royalty (provided he is not one of those people who are cursed with a history of bad credit). Everyone seeks to further his business by taking loans. Need to buy a bigger car? Take a loan. Have found the perfect house but cannot pay for it from your present stores of wealth? Look for a good mortgage deal. Is your mortgage beginning to bankrupt you? Look for some mortgage refinancing offers. Do you need a little more cash to last you till your next payday? Find yourself a cheap payday loan. Truly, whatever your need, you will definitely find a loan that will suit your pocket.

The world is now moving towards a period of time when everyone will be a debtor to some extent, with some being more in debt than others. And what do you do when you have to take care of the monthly installments for the whole gamut of loans that you decided to take on? What do you do when the sheer number of debts that you have to pay off becomes too hot to handle? Why, that is easy! All you do is look to debt consolidation.

Just collect all your loans together, take them to a loan provider offering either a cheaper rate or a shorter term, or whatever other bonus you are looking for. Ask the loan provider to pay off all your loans, so that now you are left with just that one loan to pay off. It really does sound so easy to borrow money in today’s world. And wouldn’t you agree that being in debt no longer has the earlier stigma attached to it?

The author, Ajeet Khurana, recommends that you read about loans, secured loans, and debt consolidation.

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