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The Beauty And Business Of Boca Raton

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A short distance from Miami sits a smaller city, a city which lists over eighty four thousand residents. Although, those actually residing within the boundaries of Boca Raton only count for a small percentage of those counted during the 2013 census.

As the city has now been built as a center of business, the daytime population increases dramatically. Due to Miami being only a few miles away, it is quite popular with tourists and locals. Whether a short drive to beaches, museums and nightlife in Miami, or simply living the simple life at home, the area has a lot to offer.

One of the finest and the only five star rated hotel in Florida is located in the area. As such, visitors to Miami and the smaller city often enjoy staying at this fine establishment. Built in 1926, only one year after the city was incorporated, it was originally a Ritz-Carlton. While this may be the only five star resort in the area, there area also a number of other lodging options.

It was early on in city history when IBM built a business complex in the area. First, it was located in an unincorporated area of the county though later that area of the county was annexed by the city and so too, IBM. It appears IBM and another corporation worked in secret to obtain the land and build the complex which was the first major development of the company.

This small city and IBM are to be thanked for the first PC, which was developed in the area. The business park still in existence now stands next to the Tri-City rail park. Ahead of its time, the business complex was built with its own electrical substation, water pump and rail line. Eventually, IBM began to build other complexes in other cities, and outgrew the small plaza.

A number of historic relics remain in the older areas of the city. For example, the business complex in which IBM was built still houses the conference table and office in which Bill Gates signed the first deal with IBM related to the development of MS-DOS, one of the first operating systems for personal computing.

The new design in the downtown area has really helped to wake up what had become a tired city from its slumber. Now, with new lodging establishments, restaurants, shops, nightlife and an amphitheater, people come to visit this small city for pleasure as well as business. Also, with its close vicinity to Miami, many individuals are now looking at moving to this area which still houses a population much smaller than its big neighbor.

All in all, this redevelopment over the old shopping mall has helped to revitalize the city. Other mixed use buildings either recently constructed or still under construction hope to continue the trend. Though, when it comes to housing, as with other cities, it seems while there are plenty of new homes, condos and apartments available though many are outside the reach of middle class America.

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