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The Best Fighter In War Thunder!

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If you love watching World War 2 movies, you will discover when talking about the Pacific War, no matter in the ‘Empire of the Sun’ ,or in the great HBO TV Mini Series ‘The Pacific’, one specific name is mentioned all the time, Zero the great fighter, people can not forget its impressive image in the ‘Pearl Harbor’, it is swiftly and beautiful, but also, it is a deadly weapon, especially in professional Japanese empire navy pilot’s hands-Zero cause very larger damage on US forces during WWⅡ.

Now let’s read about its performance in War Thunder, and without misunderstandings, I say in advance that I’m only a player of a game, and my article is not about to raise historical hatred between people. I write things on entertainments such as top free strategy games.

I will be very pleased to share with you game experiences or stories, I like playing mobile strategy games as well , if you like my article, or want free mobile game download you can contact me by clicking the link below.

If pilots of Imperial Japanese Navy are Samurais, then the Zero might be the Sword in their hands. You may not heard about names of Aces such as Kaneyoshi Muto, but one movie is very famous after it was showed, The Eternal Zero, tells a story on Japanese fathers during the War, so I’d like to call it‘Zeros of our fathers’, it also tells a fairy tale on Zero fighters.

The Mitsubishi A6M Zero was a long-range fighter aircraft, manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and operated by the Imperial Japanese Navy from 1940 to 1945. The A6M was designated as the Mitsubishi Navy Type 0 Carrier Fighter.

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In War Thunder, it’s the fiercest eagle on Tier 4, except some aircraft(UFO) did not see service in World War 2, such as Spitfire mk22 or f7f Tigercat.

Firstly, It can out turn anything in the game, if one aircraft indulge into dog fight with zero, it will get killed in a minute, actually, I always use A6M5 Ko(Zero’s late version), I can dog fight with 3 spitfires same time without being shot, if my wing man helps, we will kill 5 enemy in a match, I mean the realistic battle.

Secondly, its fuel load is 45 minutes max, which means it can insist as long as a P51 Mustang, and a full tank zero controls no different to a half loaded one, they handles too comfortable!

Thirdly, with a few shots from the machine cannon Type 99, zero can easily destroy any enemy fighters, the disadvantage for the cannon is they perform well in low range and effective on soft targets especially wings, but the gun can’t penetrate armor of heavy bombers.

My experience to fly a zero is this:

1. Do not chase a enemy or race with it, because you can’t chase up 🙁 engine sucks

2. Avoid flying straight when air battle begins, maneuver as many as possible, especially when enemy dive to you.

3.And don’t forget to cooperate with your wing men, you will stick together at low altitude most of the time, or one of you can perform as a bait when others are higher above to protect the ‘bait’ as well as take out the enemy who dives down. One most important thing is: Don’t chasing a diving enemy with your teammates! I always met noob team when 5 zeros chasing one f7f all the map and still can’t shoot him down…

Zero is surely a killer in the game if you handle it well, hope my article can help you a lot, and probably you have some better ideas, and maybe we can play in a squad too! So, good luck! Good hunting!

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