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The Combination Approach To Feeding Your Golden Retriever

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You have just got yourself a cute little Golden Retriever puppy. You are now part of a global family of dog owners. When you get a pup home, you will have to feed it as well. Here we will discuss the combination approach to feeding a Golden Retriever.

People say many different things about dog food, and its actual health value to your pet. Some say that is made up of primarily excess food grain and animal fat which cannot be used anywhere else. It also lacks essential vitamins and nutrients. Others advocate the use of dog food saying it is healthy, nutritious and wholesome.

Whatever be the case, it is always better to take up the combination approach to feeding for your Golden Retriever. This combines both fresh food along with commercial pet food. The best fresh or real food for your Golden Retriever is chicken, beef, turkey and a host of fresh raw veggies and fruits. You can also give curd, eggs, cottage cheese and brown rice to your Golden Retriever. Of these, chicken and meat contain lots of proteins and minerals.

Dogs need to have variety in their diet. You can alternate meals with fresh food twice a day and dog food once a day. This will give the dog all the nutrition it needs. Make sure to keep changing their food to get them to eat different kinds of fruits and veggies as well. Mix it in with the meat.

That is why the combination approach to feeding allows you to ensure that your Golden Retriever gets all the nourishment it needs to stay healthy. Also, be sure to include a decent amount of animal protein while feeding your dog, as they need it as part of their diet regime.

Be sure to check the label of the commercial dog food you have chosen, as there are many companies that use USFDA failed grains and rejected food grains. Be sure to avoid these products. The same applies to meat products available commercially for dogs.

Also, be careful that there are not too many preservatives in the dog food, and if there are, see that they are of natural origin. If you would not like to eat chemically rich food, why would you want your dog to eat it?

Give your Golden Retriever good food, and if you have any doubts ask your vet to suggest what he should have. He is the best person to guide you in this matter. We must remember that this combination approach to feeding is just a guideline to encompass all Golden Retrievers.

It may happen that in your particular case, the vet may suggest a different approach. It would be best to listen to him. For example, I met a Golden Retriever who had lactose intolerance. So he could not have milk. His vet realized this, and told the owner to avoid milk and related products. He is fine now.

I hope these ideas will help you get better understanding on the combination approach to feeding.

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