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The Many Uses Of Propane

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For many Americans, propane is purchased in small canisters and used as fuel source for a camping stove and perhaps their backyard barbecue grill. However, this fuel has many other employments, and its versatility and abundance have made it one of the top fuel sources around the globe. Here are a few examples of how people all over the world are using propane.

While propane is a fossil fuel, it is also considered a much greener fuel than regular gasoline or diesel fuel. In fact, the CO2 emissions are about 25 percent lower than gasoline. In order to be used as fuel for cars, trucks and other vehicles, it must be mixed with butane. This mixture is called Autogas and is widely used around the world. Not only is it greener, it also costs less than gasoline and diesel options. South Korea, Italy and Turkey are three top consumers of Autogas, but it also is common in Australia, Poland, Hong Kong, Japan and Russia.

Of course, it’s also a great fuel for the home, and millions of American homes use propane as their main source of energy. Propane is used to fuel furnaces, water heaters, dryers and stoves, especially in more rural areas, where access to natural gas is limited. These homes have large propane tanks installed either above-ground or buried behind their homes. Propane companies send out trucks periodically to add fuel to these tanks. The best time to buy propane is in the summer months, when the demand is lower and the price per gallon drops substantially. You can often pre-buy large amounts of propane and save quite a bit off your yearly fuel expenses.

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Surprisingly, propane also is an excellent source of energy for refrigeration. We typically associate propane with heat, but it also provides energy for absorption refrigerators. These are common refrigeration systems that need a source of heat to power the actual cooling system. In the past, many types of chlorofluorocarbons have been used as this fuel source, but they are quite damaging to the environment and many have been banned, so propane offers a greener alternative fuel source.

There are many other uses for this handy fuel, and it might surprise you to learn that most hot air balloons use propane as the main source of fuel. Farmers use it to aid in the ripening of fruit and grain drying. Those amazing explosions in movies also often are powered by propane, and there are plenty of other ways we use propane every day.

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