The Number One Tip for Turkey Hunters

Turkey hunting can be a very challenging, and a very frustrating sport. Adrenaline can run high in the heat of the moment, so the number one tip for turkey hunting is to consider safety first. In order to put safety first on a turkey hunt, a hunter must be very aware of his surroundings and have a few basic ground rules in his back pocket:

* Dress Appropriately.
Camouflage is a necessity on any hunting trip. It should be worn from head to toe; some hunters even choose to paint their faces. Camouflaging like this will be one very important step towards your turkey hunting success

* Keep Away from Red, White, and Blue.
These colors are associated with turkeys and can be hard to keep away from. Think outside the box, no socks, undergarments, or even cigarette packs should be around that have these colors. Also, check to make sure arrows are red, white, and blue free. One too many times another hunter has mistaken one of these colors for a gobbler and shot at a fellow hunter.

* Sit Wisely.
Choose a spot that provides full coverage from behind. Leaning against a large tree is a great way to blend in with your surroundings, while making sure you are covered from behind. This will give you good protection and at the same time provide more than 300 degree view

* Know Your Target.
This safety tip is the most essential. Don’t shoot unless you know what you are aiming at. If you hear a gobbler, make sure what you see is a gobbler. Some hunters have mastered the turkey call, be sure that what is heard is also seen and identified.

* Make Yourself Known.
To other hunters that is. If you see another hunting trekking through your area searching for the perfect spot, don’t hesitate to let him know you are there. Call out clearly, no muffled noises or arm movements.

* Watch the Decoys.
Make sure these are positioned carefully. If your placing your own be sure no other hunters are mistakenly in your line of fire. If they’ve been placed by someone else, be sure to steer clear, both for his safety, and your own. Also, when walking with decoys, keep them covered so as not to attract unwanted attention from another hunter.

Keeping these tips in mind before you even hit the trail in search of the perfect gobbler will ensure you a safe and happy hunt.

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