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The Secrets of Depression and Men Exposed

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When it comes to depression and men you will find that there are over three million men in the united states that suffer from depression, however you should know that only 35% of all men find themselves in a depression. When it comes to the view of the male image, you’ll find that many call them “the rock” or the “solid one”, however men can suffer from depression. Just because you have, a depression doesn’t mean that you are any less of a man because of it.

You also do not have to hide your depression by trying to cover it up with even more troubles. When it comes to covering up their feelings, men tend to use drugs, alcohol, sex, work, and other things to cover up their true feelings and hide their problem. They assume that they can get over their depression by trying to give themselves a new issue, however, it makes a person even more sad and lonely.

People are less likely to seek treatment for depression and men , but women are less likely to admit that there is a problem. If you can find the support of your family and friends, you should be able to make it through the frustrations.

Men will try to hide their depression and some can do it so well. Unlike women, they really do want to be left alone and not for purposes of reaching out eventually in good time. Men will try to hide their depression because they feel shame and fear. Many of those who are close to a man who has committed suicide will say that they had no clue. This is because most men will hide their feelings so well that it just seems like a surprise when something like that happens Depression that men has is a silent battle that they do alone.

When it comes to looking for the signsof depression and men, you may want to look at their behavior. Does it seem like they are trying to change to much? They may be showing signs like oversleeping, not sleeping, tension or stress, and even anger. When you are dealing with a man who is battling depression you may want to tread slowly.

Do not push them into finding help because they may direct uncontrollable anger at you. They may end up hurting you, even if they truly do not want to. They will become unpredictable because they feel a need to cover up with depression and will go to all lengths in doing so.

If you want to help someone seek treatmentfor depression and men, you are going to have to let them make the decision. All you can do is tell them that you are worried about them. When it comes to dealing with these sorts of things you will want to make sure that you do more listening than talking. You will want to make sure that you show your support by telling them that you love or care for them on a regular basis. Make them feel like you two are going to do it together, and that they are not alone.

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