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The Various Types Of Engineers

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If you love math and science and also enjoy building and designing, then a career in engineering might be an excellent choice for you. It might interest you to know that when it comes to engineering, there are dozens of job choices, and these groups are divided into four main categories. These categories include mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering and also civil engineering.

Chemical engineers fall into several categories. One group, known as materials engineers, study the complex chemical structures of everything from metals to glass to polymers. This has many applications for the design and production of hundreds of products. Similarly, a process engineer studies items such as plastics and petroleum and looks for ways to improve the quality and efficiency of production of these types of materials. If you are interested in developing new medicines or studying the complex structures within living organisms, you might consider working as a biomolecular engineer, which is a person who is responsible for manufacturing different types of molecules or biomolecules.

Civil engineering is another option to consider, and this includes a wide variety of occupations. For example, a structural engineer is one who helps design structures such as bridges and buildings, ensuring that they can support structural loads and accommodate for movement due to earthquakes and wind. Geotechnical engineers are primarily focused on underground endeavors such as mining operations, but they also help design everything from dams to the foundations of buildings. An environmental engineer is yet another type of civil engineer, and this person helps with city planning, ecological planning and water resource management.

Electrical engineers are yet another branch of engineering, and this group includes engineers that design circuits, transformers, generators, motors and other electronic equipment. Within this branch are optical engineers, and these individuals design systems and instruments that use electromagnetic radiation. This group also includes computer engineers who specialize either in working with hardware or software.

There are also several different kinds of mechanical engineers, and they deal with all sorts of interesting jobs. There are aerospace engineers that design vehicles that blast off into space as well as other types of aircraft. Vehicle engineers design both marine vessels as well as all types of vehicles, from motorcycles to trucks to buses and cars. Other specialized fields within mechanical engineering include acoustical engineering and manufacturing engineering.

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